Organic Tomato Ketchup Nature's Glory 300g(BB: Jan 31,2025)

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Organic Tomato Ketchup 

Product of Japan

This organic sweet tomato ketchup has all the natural sweetness of organic tomatoes. Uses bright red, perfectly ripe organic tomatoes.
● Uses organic sugar and malt syrup made from non-GMO Japanese potatoes.
● The vinegars are fermented without using any alcohol: pure organic apple vinegar made from 100%-organic apples, and pure organic rice vinegar made from 100%-organic Japanese rice.
● Uses sun-dried raw salt.
● Flavored with whole or ground spices, and contains no artificial flavorings.
● Contains no preservatives, food coloring, or MSGs.

Ingredients: Organic tomatoes, sugars (organic sugar, malt starch syrup), organic brewed vinegar, salt, organic onions, organic garlic, spices

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