Propolis Balls Nature's Glory (Best before: Approx. 2 years)

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Propolis Balls Nature's Glory

Product of Japan

Propolis is a preventive medicine from the bees.


Health Benefit
- Rich in flavone, enzymes, trace elements, organic/amino acids, polysaccharides and vitamins.

- A natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidation and rejuvenating agent.

- Propolis balls with bee pollen, promote healing, ease pain, beautify hair, provide relief from gastric / skin disorders, hoarseness, ulcers, baldness

- increase body’s immunity to cold, flu, cough, tonsilitis and cystitis.

Why Choose Us

Insist on NATURE’S GLORY Propolis Balls, a product of excellent value and quality. Chemical and Pesticide Free.

Ingredients: Propolis/Bee Pollen Extract, Ume Plum Concentrate, Honey and Vitamin C.

Suggested Dosage: 8 to 10 balls or more daily before meals.

Storage: Keep in a dry, cool place.

Content Available: 124 balls, 496 balls

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