Rice Malt Syrup Pureharvest 500G (Best before: November 09, 2022)

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Rice Malt Syrup Pureharvest

Natural Sweetener. Organic & Gluten-Free

Packed in Australia

Made from whole grain rice and water combined with natural enzymes. There is no cane sugar added, no colours added and no artificial flavours. A natural sweetener, an ideal substitute for sugar or honey.

Nutritional Information (100g): Energy (kJ): 316, Protein (g): 1.2, Fat (g): 0.4, Total Carbohydrate (g): 78; Sugars (g): 78; Sodium (mg): 21.8; Potassium (mg): 171.0.

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice and Water.

Storage: Keep at room temperature.

Available: 500g

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