Rice & Pinto Bean Eden 425g Organic(BB: Oct 08,2024)

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Brown Rice & Pinto Bean Organic Eden

Heat, Stir & Serve

USA family farm organically grown pinto beans and Lundberg Short Grain Brown rice with organic onions and organic garlic. Whole Grain and beans are central to a healthy diet. Now complete protein meals are quick and easy, versatile too, just open, heat, stir and serve. This combination is a good source of fibre, low fat, low sodium and antioxidant-rich as well.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 120, Total Fats 1g, Trans Fat 0g, sodium 140mg, potassium 230mg, total carbohydrate 24g, dietary fibre 3g, sugars <1g, Protein 4g.
% Daily Value: Protein 8%, calcium 2%, Iron 6%, thiamin (B1) 6%, Riboflavin(B2) 4%, Niacin (B3) 6%, Phosphorus 10%, folate 8%, magnesium 10%, zinc 15%.

Ingredient: water, organic Lundberg short grain brown rice, organic pinto beans, organic onion flakes, organic garlic powder, sea salt.

Available: 425g

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