Salad Mix Organic 100g Pim's Organics

Size: 1 pkt 100g


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Salad Mix Organic Pim's Organics

Our Salad Mix is from  Australian Certified Organic Farm located in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains where they grow a variety of organically certified products, including Strawberries, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Custard Apples and Avocados. The products are sold through organic shops in Australia.

Salad Mix is perfect for a light snack, a quick healthy lunch. For better taste, use our Toasted Sesame Oil for the salad dressing. Or sprinkle with our Organic Mixed Nuts & Berry for added nutrients.

ACO Certified Organic. No Chemical / Pesticides. Premium Quality

Storage: Keep it refrigerated.

Available: 100g

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