Organic Shiitake Mushroom (Koshin Grade) Nature's Glory 100g Organic (Best before: Approx.1 year)

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Organic Shiitake Mushroom (Koshin Grade) Nature's Glory

Koshin Grade shiitake mushroom has thin flat caps.

Product of Japan

The Shiitake mushroom has been prized in Japan as an elixir of life since ancient times. It has vitamin B12 and vitamin D2 which is effective in combating high blood pressure, discharging animal cholesterol as well as other nutrients good for the kidneys. Polysaccharides in dried shiitake may be effective in preventing cancer.

Our shiitake are grown on sawdust from non-chemical treated trees from the forest and are certified organic by JAS (EU).

Preparation: Soak shiitake in cold water for several hours until soft then cut off the bottom of the stem. The water in which the mushroom was soaked is nutrient-rich and should be saved for use in soups and cooking.

Ingredients: Whole dried shiitake mushrooms. No preservatives, additives or colourings. JAS (EU) certified organic.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate when opened.

Available: 100g

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