Spring Onions Local (Organically Grown) 80g

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Spring Onions

They are widely used as garnishing for fried dishes. But many people cook them with meat. For best result, eat raw.

A scallion, also commonly known as green onion or spring onion, is associated with various members of the genus Allium that lack a fully-developed bulb. They tend to be milder tasting than other onions and are typically steamed and set in salads in western cookery and cooked in many Asiatic recipes. Diced scallions are often used in soup, noodle, seafood, and sauce in eastern dishes. After removing the bottom half-inch or so of the root end, both the white bottoms and the green tops are commonly used.

The species most commonly associated with the name is the Welsh onion, Allium fistulosum. "Scallion" is sometimes used for Allium ascalonicum, better known as the shallot. The words scallion and shallot are related and can be traced back to the Greek askolonion as described by the Greek writer Theophrastus; this name, in turn, seems to originate from the Philistine town of Ascalon (modern-day Ashkelon in Israel). The shallots themselves apparently came from farther east.

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