Super Cordyceps 500mg (60 Caps)

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Size: 60 caps


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Cordyceps Mycelium

Premium quality.

Cordyceps Sinensis is a rare traditional Chinese herbal medicine. According to the traditional Chinese herbal reference books, cordyceps Sinensis can build up the body, fighting debility & weakness, build up one's lungs & is good for the kidneys. It can also cure chronic & acute coughs. Super cordyceps contains many kinds of amino acids, polysaccharides, & protein. It has NO additives, is non-toxic & has no side effects.

Ingredients 100% Cordyceps sinensis mycelium.

Usage: Maintenance dosage: 2 capsules each time, 2 times daily.

Treatment dosage: 3 capsules each time, 3 times daily.

Available: 60 Capsules (500mg each)

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