Super Ohtaka Fruits & Vegetables Enzyme Drink Nature's Glory 720ml/1200ml (Indefinite shelf life)

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Super Ohtaka Fruits & Vegetables Enzyme Drink Nature's Glory

Product of Japan

Over 50 fruits and vegetables are fermented for 1 week, then aged for 6 months in cedar kegs, using fermentation method developed over 80 years ago by founder Mr Noboru Ohtaka. Great for maintaining good health and youthfulness.

Key Health Benefits

Food Breakdown, Boost Nutrient Absorption
Remove Toxic substances in the blood
Boost Immune System
Neutralise body’s pH: (Acidic body will lead to illnesses)
Aid production of normal cells
Regeneration & Recovery of damaged cells
Help excretion of waste substances

Why Choose Us

- More than 90 years of Enzyme Making
- 52 Ingredients harvested from 4 Seasons
- Fermented and Aged in Cedar Kegs for 180 Days
- No Water is used in the fermentation process to produce Super Nutrient-Rich drink
- Prepared with Strict Quality Inspection (Japan)

Why Buy from Nature's Glory

1.  We obtain stocks DIRECTLY from Hokkaido factory and not through dealers to ensure product is authentic and also freshly made and at the best price possible.

2.  Product is tested locally and MUST PASS radiation tests before allowed for sale.

3.  Stocks are kept in cold dry environment 24/7 to ensure nutrients are kept at it's optimum state.

Recommended for people :

Improving Appetite
Old / Weak / Sick
Exhaustion / Stress / Late Nights
Skin problems
Lack of concentration
Poor Digestion / Ingestion
Busy people
People who don’t like to eat veggies/fruits

How to Use

Take 30-60ml at a time (a measuring cup included). 1-3 times a day, If it's preferred, mix with water, fresh juice or yogurt and enjoy.

If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult with your physician before taking your supplements. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Not recommended for children under the age of four.

Quality Assurance

Available: 720ml, 1200ml

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