Swedish Bitters Concentrate Original Recipe of Maria Treben 30ml

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Swedish Bitters Concentrate Maria Treben Recipe

Product of West Germany

It got its name from Dr Claus Samst, a Swedish Physician who practised medicine in the 1800s. He used it extensively with his patients with exceptional results. The recipe he used was found in his office desk drawer, after his untimely death at 104 of a horseback riding accident. Maria Treben, the renowned Austrian herbalist, is credited with re-discovering Swedish Bitters shortly after WW II.

Since then, it has become the most popular health tonic in Europe, commonly known as The Long Life Elixir. Maria Treben used Swedish Bitters as the main remedy in all her healing works.

Why Choose Us

Alcohol-Free, Free from Artificial Ingredients, All Natural Herbs, Quality Product of Germany

Health Benefits

1. Improve memory, dispel pain & dizziness.

2. Apply to a moistened piece of cloth & apply to closed lids.

3. Relieves sore throat.

4. Relieves stomach cramps, indigestion & colic.

5. For morning sickness

6. Improve appetite

7. Helps improve sobriety

8. Can be applied to burns, swellings & bruises on the body.

How to Use

3-4 drops in a glass of herbal tea, plain or mineral water, morning & evening. Maybe sweetened if preferred.


Extracts from Manna, Aloe, Senna Leaves, Rhubard Root, Zedoary Root, Angelica Root, Theriac Venezian, Carline Thistle Root, Myrrh, Camphor & Saffron.

Available: 30ml

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