Tamari Flavor Brown Rice Crackers Genmai Life 60g Organic

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Tamari Flavor Brown Rice Crackers Genmai Life Organic & Gluten Free

Product of Japan

Food quality powerfully affects health, well-being, and happiness. The macrobiotic approach suggests eating "whole foods".

When polished white rice is soaked in water for a period of time, it decays, but Genmai (brown rice, not polished) sprouts. Genmai (brown rice) is a living food. By eating living foods, we are able to consume a storehouse of nourishment. It is the epitome of Macrobiotic.

These bite-sized tasty treat just-light crunch, are perfect in soups and for snacks. Perfect replacement for breakfast.

Ingredients: Organic Brown rice. Organic Tamari (Wheat Free Soy Sauce), Organic Black Sesame.

Available: 60g

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