What the Bible Says About Healthy Living By Dr Rex Russell (Indefinite shelf life)

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What the Bible Says About Healthy Living

by Dr Rex Russell

What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell, M.D. is a superb resource containing information gleaned from the Bible related to living a healthy life free of illness. Healthy Living was originally published in 1996, but a newer Second Edition was made available in 2006. The updated book contains a foreword written by Jordan Rubin, the author of The Maker's Diet.

What the Bible Says About Healthy Living is designed around three principles that guide you in making decisions regarding your overall health, and more specifically in your nutrition. The Principles are- One: eating only God-approved foods; Two: Eating foods as God intended them to be consumed, not man-made foods; Three: Avoid food addictions. The intention of this book is to lead you towards a healthy life on all fronts- mentally, spiritually and physically.

Many diverse topics are covered in this book with most revolving around nutrition and dietary habits, but others include sexual health, exercise, and resting on the Sabbath. Disease is discussed repeatedly, and many studies are listed relating to links between diet and illness. Fasting is elaborated upon also. He breaks down the different groups or types of food, including herbs, and applies the 3 Principles to each in an effort to make things easily understandable.

Information regarding the routine processing of food that is part of the average American's daily diet is especially interesting. Frequent references to Scripture from the Holy Bible are made relating to the topics of health and dietary habits. The FAQ at the end of the book covers many common questions, and his coverage of exercise and how to regain lost health are important answers to catch. He also includes a section covering how you can come to a personal relationship with God if you don't already have one. It is nice to note that for those who don't believe, following these rules can be beneficial to your health regardless of your spiritual beliefs. However, if you are a Believer, they are especially significant for you.

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