Whole Grain Kamut Spiral Eden 340g OG.

EdenSKU: 5-N62

Weight: 340g



Product of USA

Kamut® Spiral is certified organic by OCIA, and uses the finest Amber Durum wheat grown in chemical-free, mineral rich, vital soil.

Nature's Glory pasta contains no irradiation, no preservatives, no chemical additives, no food colorings, no refined sugars, no genetically modified ingredients and no salt added, but provides a high source of fiber and protein. This pasta is dried inside-out with steam and air, bringing out its exquisite flavor and character on top of its whole grain goodness.

Easy to cook, yet nutritious and good to eat, made available through NATURE’S GLORY.

Preparation: Add to boiling water and cook for 7 to 10 minutes.

Nutrition Facts: calories 210, total fat 1.5g, saturated fat 0.4g, trans fat 0g, polyunsaturated fat 0.8g, omega 3 50mh, omega 6 683mg, monosaturated fats 0.4g, omega 9 316mg, cholesterol 0mg, sodium 0mg, potassium 240mg, total carbohydrated 38g, dietary fiber 6g, sugars 2g, protein 10g.
% Daily value: protein 20%, calcium 2%, iron 15%, thiamin 15%, riboflavin 6%, folate 4%, niacin 15%, Phosphorus 25%, magnesium 15%, zinc 15%.

Ingredients: Organic Whole Grain Kamut Wheat.
Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.

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