Wild Alaskan Pollock Chef's Cut Approx 300g (BB: Sept 01,2024)

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Wild Alaskan Pollock Chef's Cut

A cousin to Cod and similar in flavor, texture, and appearance, Alaskan Pollock’s lean, snowy-white meat, delicate texture, and mild flavor make it an extremely versatile and healthy seafood choice.

The Alaska Pollock fishery is the largest sustainable fishery in the US so you can feel good knowing that you’re eating a fish that is abundant and so well managed it will be available for generations to come.

The Alaskan Pollock (Redi Cuts) can be prepared in 3 easy steps -
STEP 1: Gather desired portion (24 pieces per cup)
STEP 2: Sauté from frozen
STEP 3: Add to your favorite dish

Flavor & Texture
*Has a mild & clean flavor
* Large tender flakes
* Texture ranges between delicate and medium
* Slightly sweet flavor

Ideal Cooking Methods
- Bake
- Broil
- Fry
- Sauté
- Steam
Nutrition Facts (per 100g)
* Calories - 80
* Protein – 19g
* Fat – 0 g
* Saturated Fat – 0 g
* Sodium - 180 mg
* Cholesterol - 70 mg

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