Natural Insect Repellents Singapore

With dengue cases for Singapore in 2020 surpassing that of 2019’s cases, there is an even greater need for vigilance against mosquitoes and the diseases that they carry. As more people are working from home due to the Covid-19 virus, dengue fever case numbers have soared in accordance. 

While the trend is worrisome, the only way forward is the prevention of mosquito breeding especially in residential housing estates. Tips to get mosquito breeding under control include clearing stagnant water in susceptible locations in the house like plant pots, vases, pail and roof gutters, as well as spraying the house with insecticide and using insect repellents. 

Different Types of Insect Repellents in Singapore

To prevent bites from mosquitoes and other insects, there are various kinds of insect repellents being sold in Singapore. Here are some of the most common ones:


Most commercial insect repellents sold in stores in Singapore contain DEET or Diethyl-meta-toluamide, a chemical that is harmful to those with sensitive skin and for children under the age of 2. Other chemical-based insect repellents include picaridin and ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate or IR3535, which are harmful for children under the age of 2. While these sprays are effective, we do not know the long-term effects of these chemicals, especially when used on children.

Instead, others turn to natural and organic insect repellents that contain citronella or lemongrass essential oils as a means of deterring pesky mosquitoes. Lemongrass produces a strong citrus scent that overpowers mosquitoes' sense of smell and disguises the human’s scent.


An alternative to sprays, roll-ons help us apply the insect repellent directly to the skin. Consider using these roll-ons on pressure points like the wrists, back of the neck and ankles. Roll-ons offer effective and even protection for targeted parts of your body.


Conveniently adhered to clothes, patches also often contain natural citronella oil to deter mosquitoes. Patches are handy for travel and also useful for those that may be more sensitive to repellents. 

Tips for Buying and Using Insect Repellents in Singapore

Due to the harmful effects of DEET and other chemicals, we recommend not using chemical-laden insect repellents on your skin. Choose insect repellents made with natural ingredients from reputable retailers.

Don’t spray or apply insect repellent on wounds, cuts and irritated skin. Avoid spraying repellent on your face and stop the use of the spray if your skin reacts negatively to it. 

You may need to reapply the repellent a few times to maintain the effectiveness against mosquitoes throughout the day.

To avoid getting bitten, you may also want to avoid going outdoors during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are more active. 

Nature’s Glory mFree Insect Repellent

When it comes to buying insect repellent in Singapore, we recommend Nature’s Glory mFree insect repellent made from natural ingredients. It’s simple formulation is designed to protect you for up to 10 hours while being safe for your skin and health. 

* Helps protect against biting insects up to 10 hours.

* Against Mosquitoes & Other Pests

* Safe & Chemical Free

* No Alcohol, No Heat

* 100% Certified Organic Oil

Not only is our mFree Insect Repellent great for deterring mosquitoes, we have a complete Dengue Care Pack that includes 1 x mFREE insect repellent 70m, 1 x Miracle grass oil, 1 x Adam ClayMin and 1 x Aloe Vera Juice concentrate 1L. All items help to benefit against itching and swelling of bites, inflammation and to detoxify your blood and boost immunity.

Stay protected and safe from dengue fever with our natural formulations and products against biting insects. Nature’s Glory is the brand that you can trust for your health.

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