3 Reasons to Switch Over to Castile Soap in Singapore

Compared to commercial soaps which are full of chemicals, castile soaps are environmentally-friendly alternatives when it comes to buying soaps in Singapore. While you may not find these in your regular supermarket stores, health conscious insiders have been using castile soaps for the longest time. One of the most well-known brands is Dr. Bronners from the United States, but there are also other brand and non-branded castile soaps that you can purchase from specialty stores and pharmacies as well. 

But what is so special about castile soap for you to switch over from commercial soaps?

Castile soaps are natural soaps made from vegetable oils like coconut or olive oils and are usually manufactured with little to no chemicals. Originating in Spain, these soaps have long been known for being non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Why You Should Switch to Castile Soaps

There are many reasons to switch over to castile soaps from your regular soap, including affordability, more health benefits and being better for the environment. 

Here is our list of why you should switch:

Better for Your Skin

Made from natural vegetable oils, castile soaps do not contain ingredients, such as chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) that may cause your skin to become irritated and red.

Other commercials soaps may also contain artificial colours and fragrances that can irritate people’s skin, especially if they have sensitive skin. Most castile soaps use natural fragrances, such as essential oils or have unscented versions for those with sensitive skin.

Buy in Bulk

Castile soaps are very affordable due to the lower costs of ingredients and are often sold in bulk, thus reducing your costs even further. They can also be versatile enough to be used for various cleaning needs, such as body soap, dishwashing liquid and even as a laundry detergent. With one product that solves all needs, you can cut down on the number of toiletries that you purchase for the household.

Better for environment

Along with the use of natural ingredients, this prevents synthetic chemical ingredients from flowing into rivers and lakes when washed down the drains. Some soaps may also contain microbeads for exfoliation, which can be harmful for the environment when it enters the natural waterways. Castile soaps also do not contain animal fats like tallow, making them vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

The Blessed Soaps®️ Range of Castile Soaps

One of the best homegrown brands of castile soaps in Singapore is the Blessed Soaps®️, now available on Nature’s Glory Singapore ecommerce site. As a castile soap range, we take the utmost care in bringing the best quality of soaps to our customers. 

The Blessed Soaps®️ is a range of premium, liquid castile soaps that are made from organic vegetable oils and pure essential oils, and are non-toxic and moisturising for the skin. Developed using our nano-quantum technology and special formulation of organic ingredients, our Blessed Soaps®️ castile soaps are effective for eliminating dirt and nasty germs, while still keeping your skin soft and gentle.

Its gentle and non-clogging formula have won rave reviews from our fans, especially in terms of the scents and moisturising elements. Customers have even used the soaps for their children and pets. 

We are pleased to say that our castile soaps are made with certified organic ingredients, including our food-grade essential oils for the fragrances. These soaps are designed to pamper your skin whilst not stripping away too much moisture.

Choose from your favourite scents:

Lavender- PEACE


Citrus - JOY

Peppermint - PATIENCE

Eucalyptus - SELF CONTROL

Unscented - BABY LOVE

Do check out our entire range of Blessed Soaps®️ castile soaps here.

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