Organic Food Delivery Singapore

With the current pandemic situation in 2020, this whole environment has made people change their buying habits and focus on going online to shop. This is also the case with rising numbers of people becoming more comfortable doing online deliveries for meals, shopping and much more. 

It is no wonder that there has been an increase in online organic deliveries as well. With the convenience of having to shop online and get your organic food supplies delivered to your doorstep, it has become commonplace to also get organic deliveries online.

Benefits of Online Organic Delivery

Here are some of the benefits of going online for your organic deliveries:


Instead of having to rush down to crowded stores and lining up for the cashier, shopping online for organic groceries is so much more convenient. For most people, shopping online takes away these hassles and concerns, especially if you are trying to avoid the crowds. 

Furthermore, organic food deliveries are often delivered straight to your doorstep, such that you don’t have to bother about carrying heavy bags and items while you are shopping. 

The whole process is usually very smooth - you search for what you want, make the payment and arrange the delivery. The rest of your time is spent on other things like taking care of your kids, staying home and enjoying the time with loved ones. 

For those who are more immobile, shopping online is an essential service, as they do not have the capacity to do their own grocery shopping, let alone trying to carry them home. 


While you are technically ‘outsourcing’ these tasks of grocery shopping to the supplier, the costs of doing so are very affordable. Usually delivery fees are waived if you spend a minimum amount. Even with the slight increase in costs, shopping online allows you to be more focused on what you spend on your groceries and to plan ahead with your household budget. 

In turn, it can make your household spending more cost efficient and very well-planned. 

Wide variety of choices

In addition, the ability to shop for organic groceries online can also increase your range of choices. Instead of being limited to one store, you can shop from a variety of different grocery stores to find what you need. 

Especially if you have certain diet restrictions, finding what you need online can be easier and more convenient through the power of search. You can also look for certain brands and other specific items that you want to include in your weekly grocery shop.

Why We Like Nature’s Glory Online Ecommerce Store for Organic Food

If you’re looking for organic food, Nature’s Glory’s ecommerce store is powered to offer organic food items for those who are health conscious. Ranging from a wide variety of items, such as fresh, certified organic produce, Manuka honey, food-based health supplements, dried items, condiments, and drinks, Nature’s Glory ecommerce store has something for everyone.

As one of the pioneers of the organic food movement in Singapore, Nature’s Glory has been around since 1991 and was one of the first few retailers to be organically certified in 2008. We also have a 100% Organic Assurance to ensure that our food products are verified as safe to eat before even being put onto our shelves to be sold.

When you’re shopping online with Nature’s Glory, you can also take advantage of the rewards programme that we have for our loyal customers:

  • Earn $5 in store credit when you create a new account at (Store credit applicable to non-nett price items only)
  • Earn 5% in cash back for orders $150 and above (Cash back applicable to non-nett price items only). Not valid during 15% storewide promotions.
  • Referral Program - Give SGD5, Get SGD5
  • Referrer gets SGD5 store credit for each successful referral
  • Referred gets SGD5 store credit for being referred

The above perks are over and above our current 10% storewide promo for non-nett price items and FREE Shipping for local orders $100 and above (else $10 local delivery fee applies).

When you sign up as a member and for our mailing list, you will also be kept up-to-date with all our new products, discounts and other sales promotions. 

With our new, user-friendly ecommerce site, we aim to serve both our new and old customers in the best way forward with convenience, friendly service and the best quality organic products.

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