3 Reasons to Use Castile Soap in Malaysia

What is Castile soap?

Castile soap is a plant-based natural soap that cleans and nourishes your skin. Originally made from olive oil, these days castile soaps are made from vegetable oils, essential oils and other natural ingredients that are good for the environment and your health. 

3 Reasons to Use Castile Soap

Versatile and Affordable

Castile soap is a non-toxic, natural cleansing agent that can be used for all kinds of cleaning needs. One of the well-known brands is Dr. Bronner’s which claims that their soap can be used for over 18 different uses. 

Here are just some of the uses of Castile soap:

  • Natural body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Laundry detergent
  • Soap for pets
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Dishwashing liquid

As you can see, castile soap is powerful and very versatile. By just purchasing one product, it can have so many different uses, saving money for the whole household. 

Non-Toxic For Your Skin and Environment

The best thing about using castile soap is that you know it is good for your body and the environment. How good?

Most castile soaps do not include ANY of these following ingredients:

  • Surfactant free
  • No parabens
  • No mineral oil compounds
  • No Sulfates (SLS or SLES)
  • No PEG, PPG, DEA
  • No glycols
  • No phtalates
  • No perfumes
  • No colourants

Not only are these chemicals harmful to your health, they can also affect the environment, when they are discharged into sewage systems or directly into surface waters. This can affect the soil, water and even aquatic organisms in the lakes and oceans.

Moisturising and Gentle for Skin

Since castile soaps are made largely from a vegetable oil soap base, the overall effect of using the soap is both cleansing and moisturising. The presence of soap molecules attract dirt and grime that is removed, and the underlying oil soap base adds to the moisturising after effects. Compared to regular soaps, the oils found in castile soap penetrate pores with their antibacterial agents, helping clean your skin without drying it out.

In addition, as the ingredients for castile soaps are natural and non-toxic, they are also suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or skin issues. Those who have skin issues may find castile soaps to be more gentle and soothing for their skin than regular soaps which contain many chemicals. Furthermore, as there are no artificial fragrances, colours or additives, there is less of a chance for allergic reactions to occur when using castile soap. 

We Recommend Nature’s Glory Castile Soap in Malaysia

One of our favourite brands of castile soap in Malaysia is Nature’s Glory The Blessed Soaps®️ range. The Blessed Soaps®️ are premium, liquid castile soaps that are made from organic vegetable oils and pure essential oils. Developed using our nano-quantum technology and special formulation of organic ingredients, our Blessed Soaps®️ castile soaps are effective for eliminating dirt and nasty germs, while still keeping your skin soft and gentle.

The Blessed Soaps®️ are:

  • High Cleansing Effect without clogging pores
  • Moisturising
  • Does not contain any parabens, dimethicones, SLS, artificial colours or fragrances.
  • Certified organic by NASAA
  • No GMOs
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Cruelty-Free

Uniquely created with a powerful formulation that cleanses and yet remains gentle and does not clog the skin, The Blessed Soaps®️ is a premium castile soap above the rest. Other castile soaps may be drying for the skin or even tangle your hair, but our soap is specially formulated for your body’s needs.

Furthermore, all ingredients, manufacturing and packaging processes conform and exceed the Approved Cosmetics standards of NASAA - one of Australia’s most stringent organic certifying associations. Thus, you can ensure that you are only putting the best organic ingredients on your body each time you wash with The Blessed Soaps®️.

Do check out the full range of Nature’s Glory The Blessed Soaps®️ here.

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