Organic Soap Malaysia

More and more people are turning to all-natural, organic soaps in Malaysia, as many are looking for alternative products for sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, allergies and skin issues. Instead of using commercial soaps that are laden with chemicals, families are looking for mild, gentle and natural products for the whole household, including babies and young children.

Also growing in popularity are artisan, homemade bar soaps in various colours and scents. However, there are other alternatives to commercial soaps than just homemade soaps -- organic liquid castile soaps. 

Compared to homemade bar soaps, organic castile soaps are often made in liquid form using certified organic ingredients and sold at major retailers and health stores. Unlike small-batch producers, organic liquid castile soaps contain the best of natural ingredients, while still being good for your health and environment on a much larger scale. 

Organic Castile soaps originated in Castile, Spain where olive oil was used as a traditional soap base. Nowadays, castile soaps are made from a blend of vegetable oils such as coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils. Added to that are natural fragrances that consist of 100% pure essential oils, which are less irritating to the skin. 

Benefits of Organic Castile Soaps

Furthermore, there are many more benefits to using liquid organic castile soaps that you can’t find in organic bar soaps:

Organic Castile Soaps Are a Liquid Form of Soap

Organic castile soaps often come in liquid form, making it easier to lather and soap up when you need a good wash. Using bar soaps can be clunky and inconvenient, while liquid soaps are far easier to use. Because they are mostly made from organic vegetable oils, you also don’t have to worry as they are safe to use.

Organic Castile Soaps Are Organically Certified

When purchasing artisan, homemade soaps, you don’t know the true source of their ingredients. Although their ingredients may be natural, you don’t know if they are actually organic or have the ability to verify them. While ingredients can be 100% natural, certified organic soaps go one step further to confirm that all ingredients are grown and harvested according to international organic standards. Truly organic products are heavily audited by organic associations and you can find their organic certifications on their product labels for verification and accountability.

Organic Castile Soaps Have Consistency

Organic castile soaps produced by manufacturers are able to uphold a certain consistency in their product, in terms of quality, texture, price and availability. While purchasing soaps from an local, homemade business is fine, your organic castile soap vendor is more likely to have a consistent product that you can purchase any day of the week.

Organic Castile Soaps Are Multi-purpose

Not just for use on your body or hair, organic castile soaps are great for different purposes. You can use the organic soap for cleaning the house, washing the dishes, doing laundry and also washing your pets. The organic soaps are mild enough to use for babies, pets and even as a vegetable wash. As castile soaps are liquid and concentrated, they can be diluted as needed for each different household purpose -- talk about versatility in one product!

Organic Castile Soaps Are Inexpensive

Castile soaps are also completely affordable. Since they are highly concentrated, they can be diluted for each use, ensuring that you don’t have to use a lot of it. Moreover, as you only need one product for many uses, you can cut down on the number of household products and spend less on cleaning items. 

Where to Find the Best Organic Soap in Malaysia

For the best organic soap in Malaysia, we recommend Nature’s Glory Blessed Soaps®️ organic soaps. Known as a premium liquid castile soap, this organic soap checks all the boxes of what you would want in an organic soap. 

Highly versatile, affordable and multi-purpose, this soap is an all-in-one product. In addition, the special formulation of the liquid castile soap ensures that it is gentle and mild for every type of skin and does not clog your pores. Try the Unscented Baby Love Blessed Soap®️ that is gentle enough for babies and pets. The other organic soaps come in refreshing scents like Citrus Joy, Eucalyptus Self-Control and Tea Tree Kindness for an invigorating pick-me-up in the shower. 

Each scent comes with beneficial health properties as they are blended with 100% pure essential oils. For instance, the Lavender Peace Blessed Soap®️ promotes calmness and peaceful sleep while it relaxes the mind and body. Take your pick of your favourite scent and enjoy it in your next shower!

Check out the full range of Nature’s Glory Blessed Soaps®️ organic soaps here.

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