7 Tips For Shopping For Organic Products in Singapore

The rise in demand for organic products is still growing in Singapore. Almost every major supermarket now has an aisle for fresh, organic produce from local and overseas suppliers and a healthy food aisle for dried and packaged food items. 

However, what does it really mean to have a product that is ‘organic’ and why is it so important? 

What is An Organic Product?

The definition of ‘organic’ varies from country to country, but organic products are generally food products that are free out of any synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, dyes, and not processed using industrial solvents, irradiation or genetic engineering. 

In other words, the product is not contaminated by any chemicals and is safe for consumption. 

The Difference in Organic vs Non-Organic Products

There are a number of main differences between organic and non-organic products. For instance, organic products are grown with natural fertilizers like manure and compost. On the other hand, non-organic products are grown with synthetic or chemical fertilizers. 

For organically grown crops, weeds are controlled using natural methods, such as crop rotation and mulching. For non-organic crops, weeds are deterred with the use of herbicides. 

Similarly, pests are prevented using birds, insects and traps for organic crops versus synthetic pesticides for non-organic ones. 

The use of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers is basically prohibited, as these are toxic and may wreak havoc on our health and the environment. 

However, using natural methods for growing produce often leads to higher costs. Organic farming is often more labour intensive and farms tend to be smaller than conventional farms. In addition, organic certification is strictly regulated and can be costly to maintain. Overall, this results in increased prices for organic products in general. 

However, these higher prices should not be an obstacle towards your intentions to go organic. 

Here are 7 tips for Buying Organic Products within Your Budget:

Tip #1: Choose fruits and vegetables where being organic matter the most

If you have a smaller budget for food, you can focus on the following fruits and vegetables that have the highest pesticide levels, where buying organic is especially beneficial:

  • Hot Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Apples
  • Sweet Bell Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Celery
  • Potatoes
  • Grapes
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Kale/Collard Greens
  • Summer Squash
  • Nectarines 
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet Bell Peppers

Tip #2: Buy organic meat, eggs, and dairy

Non-organic livestock, cows and chickens are often fed an unnatural diet of corn, hormones and medication that may be harmful to our health. It’s best to go organic for these products if possible. 

Tip #3: Shop at Farmers’ Markets

You can purchase quality organic products at the local weekend farmers’ markets, where farmers get together to sell their produce. 

Tip #4: Buy what’s in season

Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season as they are the cheapest and freshest available then. 

Tip #5: Shop Around

Compare prices of organic products at the grocery store, online grocer, farmers’ market and other venues for the best prices.

Tip #6: Read Your Labels for Organic Products

Get into the habit of reading your food labels to ensure the organic products are truly organically certified and contain healthy ingredients for you. Some organic products may still be highly processed and not that beneficial for your health. 

Tip #7: Shop at Nature’s Glory for Affordable Organic Products

Naturally, we also recommend purchasing from Nature’s Glory website for affordable organic products. Our products have a 100% Organic Assurance - we are certified by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) at Australian and international standards and are a NASAA Certified Organic (NCO) operator under the registration number 8131P in Singapore.

Furthermore, we also go beyond the certification testing and do our own in-house checks for radiation, pesticide residues, heavy metals before even selling our products. We are also dedicated to the concept of being a specialty Organic Grocer and offer great quality organic products at affordable prices for everyone. 

Do join us in the organic movement in Singapore and start shopping here.
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