Salvestrol Health Benefits

New research about salvestrols in organic food has been powerful. Salvestrols are a type of phytochemical, a compound naturally found in plants that contribute to their color, taste, and smell. For instance, they give berries their red hue, veggies their bitter taste and peppers their spicy taste. They are usually found in edible parts of the plants, especially the skin or peel. 

There are around more than 5000 phytochemicals and science is just beginning to learn more about what these compounds do for our health. 

Some of the common phytochemicals are:

Carotenoids in red, orange, yellow, and green plants which may inhibit cancer growth and cardiovascular disease, and boost immunity.
Flavonoids in berries, apples, citrus, onions, soybeans, and coffee may fight inflammation and tumor growth.

Resveratrol in red wine, grapes, dark chocolate, and peanuts is associated with longevity in some animals.

The thing that scientists have found out is that it is always better to consume phytochemicals through foods, instead of pills and supplements for the full benefits. 

In fact, nutritionists recommend “eating the rainbow” - having a diet with as many colourful fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds to include as many different phytochemicals as possible.

What are Salvestrols

Salvestrols are just one of the 5000 phytochemicals that are found in plants. They are produced as a natural defense mechanism in plants -- to guard against pathogens like fungi or bacteria. 

Salvestrols have the following functions:

  •    They target diseased cells
  •    They are part of our everyday diet and always have been, so they are entirely safe
  •    They are not antioxidants
  •    They are natural compounds found in fruit, vegetables and herbs
  •    They are now grossly deficient in our diet

It is estimated that our modern diets only contain 10 – 20% of the Salvestrols that it did 100 years ago. 

Salvestrols can be found in fruits and vegetables like Granny Smith apples, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, avocados, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, olives, cauliflower, cabbage, artichoke, basil, parsley and rosemary. 

Benefits of Salvestrols

The unique thing about salvestrols is that it is part of a larger class of phytochemicals named phytoalexins which are antimicrobial and antioxidant. Salvestrols have a relationship with enzymes called CYP1B1 which are found in cancer cells. When salvestrols are triggered by that enzyme, they produce piceatanool which attacks these abnormal cells. 

However, as mentioned earlier our modern diets only contain 10 – 20% of the Salvestrols than it did 100 years ago. This can be attributed to modern commercial farming processes. 

With the high amounts of pesticides that are being used during farming, there is less of a need for the plant to produce salvestrols to fight against fungi and bacteria. Furthermore, food manufacturers have also switched to new varieties of vegetable and fruit crops that are sweeter and less bitter, more uniform in size, colour and shape versus older varieties which are richer in salvestrols. 

Food manufacturers themselves have removed salvestrols from our refined foods such as fruit juices and olive oils to make them taste sweeter. Thus it is no surprise that the amount of salvestrols you can obtain from food these days is low.

Why You Should Eat Organic

This is why we recommend eating organic foods as part of your everyday diet. Organic foods have been known to contain more vitamins and minerals than regular non-organic foods. Missing out on important compounds like salvestrols would be just another reason to eat organic produce, as they are grown without pesticides and thus have higher levels of salvestrols compared to non-organic foods.

Many of these organic food sources are also low in sugar and making them great additions to an overall healthy diet. 

Eating organic also means supporting more sustainable, certified organic farming practices. Farms that are certified organic are audited by independent third-party organic associations on their farming practises. 

Natural cultivation methods are better than chemical soil management to build up organic oil matter and prevent soil erosion. The reduction of pesticides is also better for the soils and water systems that are contaminated by these toxins. By eating organic, you are helping to reduce the amount of chemicals in the environment for the better health of everyone. 

Of course, increasing your intake of whole, organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of exercise, staying hydrated and lowering stress are all part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle against illness.

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