Alkaline Water Digestive Health Benefits

Notwithstanding the backlash that acidity received from alkaline water advocates, it is important to note that having a balance between alkaline water and acidity is necessary.

Acidity is still essential in maintaining certain body processes, particularly digestion. This article will tackle the importance of acidity in the digestive process and how the same can be placed within safe levels.

Alkaline Water and Acidity

Excessive intake of alkaline water, rather than lowering the levels of acidity, can actually prompt the body to release more hydrochloric acid to make up for the sudden change in pH balance in the stomach.

In addition to acid reflux, the following are reasons why acidity is material to healthy digestion and how drinking alkaline water can interfere with the digestive process.

  1. Acidity in the stomach prevents infections. A certain level of acidity in the stomach inhibits bacterial and viral growth, providing a natural sterilization mechanism. When the stomach’s pH level is completely neutralized, the pathogens present in the food and water that we ingest find their way into our digestive tract and multiply there as there is no acid to neutralize the same. Instead of improving digestion, what alkaline water actually does is dilute the natural acidity level of the digestive tract, thereby interfering with digestion and leaving us vulnerable to a wide array of intestinal and digestive infections.

  2. Extremely alkaline conditions can kill cells. One of the arguments against alkaline water consumption is that pertaining to safety. A number of studies have revealed that alkaline water can, in fact, trigger pathological changes in cardiac muscles, thereby increasing the risk to have a heart attack in laboratory animals. As for other body cells, having the acid-alkaline balance tipped towards alkalinity can cause alkalosis, a condition wherein the pH level at the cellular level continues to rise, can wreak havoc in the function of the mitochondria, ultimately resulting to an alkaline-induced cellular death.

How to Regulate the Body’s pH Level

Given that alkaline water in fact aggravates rather than improves existing pH-related health conditions, it would be better to resort to more natural options in regulating the body’s acidity. The following are safe and effective options:

  1. Eat a balanced diet. Alkaline water upsets the acid-alkaline balance because it introduces a sudden surge of alkaline minerals without providing other essential nutrients. To regulate acidity, make sure that you eat a balanced diet consisting of vitamins and minerals.

  2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. A variety of factors (including but not limited to medication, caffeine intake, stress, lack of exercise, alcohol intake, and smoking) can upset the acid-alkaline balance. To help the body revert to its natural state, it is important to combine a healthy diet with other healthy choices.

The alkaline water and acidity hype is surrounded by a lot of misconceptions, leading to a mistaken belief that acidity is inherently bad. In reality, the right amount of acidity is essential in the maintenance of different bodily functions.

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