Alkaline Water Myths

Apart from the fact that the purported benefits of consuming alkaline water are not backed up by scientific claims and the apparent disregard of alkaline water advocates of the importance of acidity in the body, another common misconception is this: the alkalinity of alkaline water makes it effective.

Here, we will discuss why alkalinity alone is not enough to cure the variety of health problems that ionized water allegedly cures.

Why Alkaline Water Per Se Does Not Cure Diseases

Despite the lack of scientific evidence to back up the claim that alkaline water has healing properties, many advocates of ionized water remain firm in their stand that ionized water is a cure-all drink.

But before joining the alkaline water bandwagon, consider the following points:

  • Water can be alkaline without actually containing ‘alkaline minerals’. What is important in speeding up the body’s recovery and improving different body processes is the presence of alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium, not alkalinity per se. Note that the alkalinity of water is measured in terms of its pH level and not in terms of its actual alkaline mineral content.

  • The amount of alkaline water in commercially-available alkaline water is negligible. True enough, alkaline water that is naturally found in springs and streams can significantly improve health. The effectiveness of this type of water stems from the high amount of alkaline minerals often found deposited in fresh water sources and rocks. Unfortunately, in the case of ionized water, only the pH level of naturally-occurring alkaline water is replicated, not the actual content. More often than not, the amount of alkaline minerals found in ionized water is too small to cause any real effect on the body.

  • ‘Alkalinizing’ drops and tablets merely raises the water’s pH level. What is often marketed as ‘alkalinizing’ substances are not concentrated alkaline minerals. Instead, they are usually mostly composed of potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, compounds that raise the pH level of water, thereby making it more alkaline. However, these compounds have no proven health benefits. As such, they cannot really be utilized by the body and they cannot really aid in any bodily processes.

How to Replenish Your Alkaline Mineral Reserve

Rather than consuming too much alkaline water and risking an acid reflux, consider ingesting the following supplements:

  1. ‘Green food powder’: Green food powders are health supplements, often made from chlorella and spirulina algae, barley, alfalfa, and other grasses. Unlike ionized water, these food supplements actually contain alkaline minerals which can improve resistance to illness and increase energy.

  2. pH Powders and Drops: Instead of the pH solution often added to alkaline water, what would be more effective are pH powders and drops that are rich in iron, manganese, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Instead of merely raising the water’s pH level, these concentrated pH drops release more oxygen into the bloodstream in order to help the body revert to its balanced and natural state.

Advertisements promoting alkaline water tend to be misleading. As such, it is important to carefully scrutinize health fads before actually trying them to avoid unnecessary expenses and negative side effects. Alkalinity alone is not enough to cure the variety of health problems that ionized water allegedly cures.

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