Choose Bonsoy Soymilk As Your New Non-Dairy Milk Substitute

Lactose intolerant? Why not find non-dairy milk substitutes as an alternative for your diet? There are a whole range of non-dairy milks such as almond milk and coconut milk readily available in the supermarkets, but our favourite must be organic soymilk. 

Made from certified organic soybeans, organic soymilk is a healthy alternative to regular cow’s milk. With a creamy taste and made from plant-based soybeans, it tastes delicious and is fat-free. Non-organic cow’s milk is often produced with growth hormones and antibiotics, along with GMOs, making it unsafe to drink.

Soymilk has long been a staple in the Asian fridge and it allows lactose-intolerant individuals to enjoy the richness and creaminess of dairy without the stomach upset. However, not all soymilks taste like Bonsoy Soymilk, which has been pasteurised with hatomugi pearl barley and added natural tapioca syrup. Its unique flavour makes a nutritional difference for all milk lovers.

Uses for Bonsoy Non-Dairy Soymilk

Bonsoy soymilk can be used for a range of cooking, baking, and also for coffee and drink recipes that call for milk or any non-dairy milk. The organic non-dairy milk is not only healthy but also delicious, and works for a wide variety of dishes, including both local and Western cuisines.

Use it with any recipe that requires milk or even coconut milk for a drool-worthy breakfast, brunch or desserts. Bonsoy soymilk is beloved by its lactose-intolerant fans and also by cafes, vegetarian restaurants and hotels. Its natural full-bodied mellow aroma with a mildly sweet flavour wins over soymilk converts and other food lovers with its taste.

Here are just some examples of healthy dishes that you can easily prepare with Bonsoy non-dairy soymilk:

5 minutes

Cafe Latte with soymilk

Avocado soymilk with coconut palm sugar

15 minutes

Overnight oats with Bonsoy and chia seeds

Warm soymilk with healthier you tiao

30 minutes

Fish Beehoon soup

Chicken Laksa

Seafood Mee Siam

Vegetarian Somen

60 minutes or more

Pulut Hitam with Organic Black Rice and Coconut Palm Sugar

SPiced Pumpkin Cream Soup

Soy Shiro Miso Vegetarian Soba

Carrot Tomato Cream Soup

Chocolate Cake

Banana Cacao Cake

Pandan Cacao Cake

Garlic Herb Bread

For more Bonsoy soymilk recipes, we’ve got you covered!

Bonsoy Soymilk - The Best Non-Dairy, Lactose-Free Organic Soymilk

Bonsoy Soymilk’s unique soymilk taste is different from other non-dairy soymilks. Whereas regular soymilk may have a slightly sour aftertaste, Bonsoy soymilk tastes creamy, rich and sweet from its specially formulated recipe that keeps non-dairy milk lovers coming back for more. 

Using only whole organically grown non-Genetically Modified soybeans, the beans are cooked in patented equipment, to ensure the strong ‘bean flavour’ of soybeans is eliminated and that the beans are evenly cooked. Tapioca syrup and Job's tears are then added to bring out the natural roasted flavour. 

Bonsoy soymilk is made from certified organic non-GMO soybeans, free from harmful pesticides. It has a unique, original and superb taste with the soybean skin removed to reduce bacteria count. It contains no added preservatives, chemicals or colours. 

Bonsoy soymilk also does not contain any enzyme inhibitor commonly found in home-cooked soymilk, leading to poor digestion and enlargement of pancreas and thyroid. In fact, it is pasteurised with extra nutrients with the addition of Hatomugi Pearl Barley (or Job’s Tears), which is known to strengthen the stomach, aid digestion and other health benefits). It is an exceptionally rich and thick non-dairy soymilk that serves as a health substitute to cow’s and coconut milk. 

Enjoy this delightful organic soymilk on its own, chilled or warmed!
Bonsoy soy milk