Feed Your Body the Nutrition That it Needs With Health Supplements for Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is without doubt one of the toughest ordeals a person may ever face. As such, it is quite normal to see a recently diagnosed cancer patient hitting the rock bottom, emotionally.

There is anger. There is denial. There is frustration. All these can roll into a giant mass of negativity and weigh a person down. Under these circumstances, a cancer patient may not be able to sleep or eat. Add in the burdens of undertaking radical treatment, and it’s likely that a person may suffer from nutritional deficiencies. 

Health Supplements for Cancer: Are They Effective or Ineffective?

What’s the plausible answer to the deprivation of nutrients in a cancer patient’s body?  The use of health supplements for cancer.

People with cancer resort to using health supplements in hopes of fighting the disease, curing it or simply feeling better. Currently, there is no evidence which shows that health supplements can be an all cure or a preventive agent for cancer. However, some scientific studies have shown that they can be used to control advanced cancer from growing and metastasizing.

As featured in Cancer Research UK.org, in a pilot study which featured a sample population of forty-one patients, patient-participants were given health supplements for cancer such as Vitamin C, beta carotene, folic acid and coenzymes Q10. Patient-participants were projected to live for a year.

However, these patients, after ingesting the health supplements for cancer, were found to have lived beyond the estimated time – to be precise, forty percent longer as the majority of the patients lived for seventeen months.

This particular study showed just how crucial the role of health supplements for cancer can be when it becomes part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Importance of Doctor Advice on Health Supplements for Cancer

Does this mean that health supplements for cancer must be taken by cancer patients? Not really. It depends on the actual advice of the physician in charge.

As highlighted by Stanford Medicine’s Cancer Institute, there are health supplements for cancer which may not only be non-beneficial and ineffective but also potentially contrasting to current cancer treatment effects.

There are health supplements which can lessen the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatment such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy. In addition, a cancer patient currently undergoing treatment may also experience side effects such as diarrhea, weakness, nausea and kidney diseases.

This scenario therefore underlines the importance of seeking medical help before using any health supplements for cancer. When you talk to a doctor or a nutritionist, you can be sure that you are informed of the nature of health supplements.

They too can tell you which specific nutrients are needed by your body and which health supplements for cancer contain the required ingredients.

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