Flat Tummy Natural Detox

One of our best-selling products, Flat Tummy has shown great results with our customers. 

Flat Tummy is made from a unique combination of friendly probiotics and prebiotics (lactose, oligosaccharides, Hatomugi Pearl Barley, plant enzymes) proven and tested by millions of users for over 28 years in Japan. It is a soothing and delicious blend of natural enzymes and probiotics to clean and clear your digestive system.

Why You Need to Detox Your Gut

Your gut is the most important organ in your digestive system that absorbs nutrients from the food that you eat and eliminates microorganisms that cause illness. Thus, it’s important to treat it right with the proper diet, clean water and supplements.

Gut cleansing can be an effective way to remove all the built-up waste and toxins from your colon, as this can affect your bowel movement, constipation, IBS and even colon cancer. Throughout our lives, we focus on ingesting and consuming food and water into our system, but we don’t think about how all this input may affect us and our health. 

Doing a regular detox and cleanse of your digestive system once in a while can help clear and balance out all this buildup. Gut cleansing can help with constipation, allergies, bloating, fatigue, headaches and joint pain. To cleanse your colon, you can drink more water, be more active, limit your alcohol, cut down on sugar, salt and processed food and replenish with more wholesome, healthy foods. 

We also like to use supplementation for a natural detox. Of course, doing this in the most natural and safe way is best -- that’s why we turn to Flat Tummy for detoxing.

Benefits of Flat Tummy

Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that help your good gut bacteria to flourish. Often labelled as galactooligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides and oligofructose on your food items, prebiotics act as food for your gut microflora and help your good gut bacteria to grow. They also help you absorb calcium, lower your spikes in blood sugar levels, ferment foods faster and keep the cells in your gut healthy. 

On the other hand, probiotics are foods that contain living microorganisms with good bacteria that fight against the harmful ones in your gut. Probiotics have been known to improve symptoms of IBS, diarrhea and constipation.  

Flat Tummy’s formulation uses these living friendly bacteria to help loosen impacted faeces, breakdown harmful toxins in the intestinal system, reduce harmful bacteria and improve your intestinal environment.

All this is due to gentle and natural action of the probiotics. Because our formulation is more from pure and safe ingredients, usually no abdominal pain is experienced, allowing for detox to happen naturally. 

Furthermore, the special strains of live Bifidus and Lactobacillus reach your intestines alive, as they can withstand gastric juices and heat of up to 85 degrees C, making them more effective than other probiotics.

Results from Flat Tummy Users

In fact, our Flat Tummy product has shown to be effective amongst our customers. Our users have given the product a 5/5 rating with many beneficial effects. Some of the top benefits include better bowel movement, easing of constipation, less bloating, smoother and brighter skin and even a slimmer waist. 

After taking Flat Tummy, you may experience looser stools within 2-4 hours of consumption. Those with impacted and stubborn constipation may experience more bloatedness as a result of increased movement and elimination of stool through the intestines.

Overall, Flat Tummy is a safe, natural and effective way to detox and improve bowel function. For best results, take 1 packet per week to maintain health and beauty. For stubborn constipation, take 1 packet every 2 days for the first 2 weeks and reduce gradually to 1 per week when conditions improve.

Flat Tummy is also very affordable - you can try it once before coming back for more packets (with discounts) and use it on a more regular basis for better bowel health.

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