The Alternative to Alkaline Water

Developments and innovations in terms of technology, medicine, and health care have sparked an interest in making everyday products and basic needs more health-friendly.

True enough, more people are opting for healthier food—from free-range poultry and pesticide-free vegetables to alkaline water and, more recently, HiFloAM Water®

Alkaline water has gained popularity not only in Japan (where it originated) but all over the world.

With free radicals gaining notoriety not only within academic and medical circles but also among health-conscious individuals, it is of little wonder why alkaline water was embraced by many.

Alkaline water, unlike tap and/or distilled water, boasts a higher pH level—a characteristic once thought to aid in effective removal of free radicals in the body.

However, newer research such as that of Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka, have helped debunk the myths surrounding alkaline water.

Dr. Hanaoka’s attempts to replicate the “miracle spring water” from Germany, Mexico, and France gave way to the creation of a better and more effective alternative to alkaline water, namely, HiFloAM Water®.

From Alkaline Water to HiFloAM Water®: The Man behind the Discovery

Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka, the inventor of the HiFloAM Water®, is a founding member of the Functional Water Foundation in Japan which was established in 1994.

He is deeply involved in the research on the effects of electrolyzed alkaline water on health, in collaboration with the Health Science Center of University of Texas’ Department of Medicine.

His involvement in the aforementioned research started as early as 1999.

In addition, Dr. Hanaoka has published the results of his extensive research in renowned international scientific journals, such as the Journal of Applied Electrochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry.

He has also published his own book entitled “The Discovery of the Enhanced Properties of Water Supporting Life and Ecology”.

Why Alkaline Water is no Longer the “Best Water”?

The world-wide fame of alkaline water can probably be best attributed to its antioxidant properties. However, tests show that HiFloAM Water® actually has stronger antioxidant ability.

To demonstrate this, Dr. Hanaoka compared the dissociation activity of different types of water at 25 degrees Celsius. Dissociation activity is measured in pKw, with lower values indicative of higher dissociation, higher hydration, higher absorption, and higher detox.

HiFloAM Water® is proven to be 10 times more dissociated than pure water, seven times more dissociated than tap water, and four times more dissociated than alkaline water.

HiFloAM Water® has better antioxidant properties, removing up to 40 per cent more DDPH radical as compared to pure water and alkaline water.

Moreover, HiFloAM Water® also makes aging cells younger.  In general, older people exhibit lower levels of intra and extracellular water.

After consumption of three liters of HiFloAM Water® everyday over the course of three months, the subject population (comprised of seven males within the age group of 55-76 and three females within the age group of 44 to 70) showed higher levels of intra and extracellular water, in comparison with those who consumed alkaline water.

The emergence of better alternatives to alkaline water goes to show how fast healthcare technology is progressing. It also highlights the primacy given to good health at present.

At Nature’s Glory Singapore, the HiFloAM Water® system uses water filtration technology to create alkaline water with properties similar to these "miracle" spring waters from France, Germany & Mexico -- a weak alkaline pH, high hydration ability, and the ability to remove free radicals. Compared to other alkaline water systems, our HiFloAM Water® filtration system aims to improve upon taste, higher in hydrogen and oxygen levels to help prevent free radical damage in cells and stronger antioxidant ability.

HiFloAM Water® is fully made in Japan, in a factory with Medical Standards ISO 13485 Certificate, which is considered much stricter and higher than ISO90001 quality standards, giving you peace of mind in your purchase.

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