What You Have to Know about Artificial Alkaline Water

Despite alkaline water’s apparent popularity nowadays, a lot of people remain baffled by the truths and myths surrounding the famed healthier type of water.

Given alkaline water’s popularity, there arises a need to make certain clarifications as to its effects and characteristics. One such important clarification that has to be made is this: water can be naturally or artificially alkaline.

Natural and Artificial Alkaline Water: Common Misconceptions

Naturally-occurring and artificially-made alkaline water have significantly different chemical compositions. This difference in chemical compositions, in turn, spells the difference as regards the effect of natural and artificial alkaline water to the human body.

In a nutshell, it is believed that artificial alkaline water has certain side effects, thereby prompting researchers and health experts to come up with healthier and safer alternatives.

It must be noted, however, that while artificial alkaline water is reported to cause side effects, natural alkaline water is met with more positive feedback. Here are important points to remember:

1.       Drinking artificial alkaline water does not help in reducing acidity level at the cellular level.

Water that is alkalized artificially only neutralizes acidity in places where there is direct contact, such as the stomach and the upper bowel.

This means that while spring water with alkaline content can help reduce cellular acidity, artificially alkalinized water only stabilizes acidity levels in the digestive tract.

In addition, instead of actually increasing the levels of alkaline minerals (e.g. magnesium, calcium and zinc) retained by the body, artificially alkalinized water can actually contribute to the quick depletion of alkaline mineral reserves.

Since artificial alkaline water tricks the body into thinking that it is receiving more alkaline minerals than it needs, it actually prompts the body to reduce retention of alkaline minerals.

2.       Carbon filtration does not really remove all the toxic chemicals in the water.

Unknown to most consumers, a lot of alkalinizing machines replace the vital alkaline minerals in the water with small amounts of toxic metals such as titanium and platinum (often found in the plates through which water passes during the filtration process).

On top of the addition of certain toxic chemicals to the water, carbon filtration (which is used in alkaline water systems) does not remove all of the harmful chemicals in the water.

This means that significant amounts of chlorine, aluminum, fluorides, and other toxic substances remain unfiltered.

Artificial Alkaline water: Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, artificially-produced alkaline water has some adverse effects to the body, some of which are as follows:

  1. Prolonged and daily consumption of artificially alkalinized water can make the upper bowel overly alkaline. It must be noted, however, that while the digestive tract can be overly alkaline due to consumption of artificially alkalized water, the rest of the body can still be acidic.

  2. A sudden increase in the level of alkalinity in the body can trigger a variety of medical conditions such as hypertension, erratic heart behavior, and bladder infection.

Alkaline water has a number of alleged health benefits. However, it must be noted that these health benefits can be reaped through consumption of natural alkaline water.

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