The Benefits of Plum

Plums are known as a new superfood, due to their high levels of antioxidants in the fruit. They belong to the group of stone fruits, such as peaches, cherries and apricots, that are known for being low-GI, low calorie and rich in vitamins C and A. They also contain twice as much protein, minerals, iron and calcium as other fruits.

However, plums have even more benefits than some of the other fruits for your overall health, such that it’s prized in Japan as the “king of alkaline foods”.

Umeboshi, especially, has a significant role in the Japanese diet as an appetizer and ingredient in Japanese dishes. It is fermented with salt and shiso leaves, leaving a beautiful pink colour on the plum. Its salty and sour taste makes it great for medicinal and culinary purposes. 

It has been said that eating a plum a day can be great help as a preventive medicine.

Health Benefits of Consuming Plum 

With its numerous health benefits, it’s worthwhile to take a further look at what plums can do for us:

Detoxify the Body

One of the top benefits of plum is the ability to detoxify the blood. As we tend to have an excessive intake of meat, dairy and sugar in our diet, being able to neutralise this and counteract acidity in your body is key.  Plums are high alkaline fruits and contain picric acids, which help to break down lactic acid and regulate your blood pH. The picric acid stimulates the liver and kidneys to clean out toxins and waste products from your body.

In turn, this can guard against the build up of acidity in the blood, which leads to headaches, insomnia, ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, liver diseases and cancers. 

Deals with Stomach Issues

Plums contain catechin acids which kill germs in the intestines and act as a laxative. It is great for deworming, and dealing with flatulence and constipation. You can also use it for helping with diarrhea and food poisoning without much side effects, preventing morning sickness in pregnancy and also clearing stomach and gastric ulcers. They can be used to strengthen the digestive system in general. 

High Amounts of Antioxidants

Plums also contain a high level of antioxidants that can help to slow down the number of free radicals, which can damage the cells in your body and lead to diseases like cancer. Plums are especially high in polyphenol antioxidants, which are beneficial for bone health, heart health and diabetes. 

Improves Immunity

Plums are said to increase the body’s natural healing power and improve resistance to common viral infections such as colds, coughs, and sore throats. Plum also help to relieve fever and pain. Plums may also aid with everyday ailments like dizziness, hangovers, fatigue and even premature ageing.

Nature’s Glory Plum Balls

Nature's Glory Plum Balls are food-based supplements made from the juice of concentrated Japanese Ume and wild mountain yam. The plums harvested at the highest acid content and boiled to form a thick syrup with an extract 30 times stronger than the fruit itself. It is mixed with wild Japanese mountain yam or Jinenjo, which aids your digestive system. Our Japanese plums are much bigger, rounder and richer in nutrients when compared to those grown in China and Taiwan.

We are also careful to not add chemicals like citric acid to make the plum balls more sour, or to include any sort of chemical coating when producing these health supplements. Thus the Plum Balls are easily consumed by sucking, chewing or swallowing and are more easily absorbed by your body. 

Our plum balls have all the goodness of plums packed in one tiny supplement. They are good for antibacterial properties, promote vitality, slow ageing, rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus, improve liver function, soothe the digestive system and reduce acidity in the blood. Take 10 to 15 balls or more daily after meals for adults.

Find out more about our Nature’s Glory Plum Balls here.

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