Umeboshi Japanese Superfood

Umeboshi plums have been used over thousands of years in Japan to fight typhoid fever, dysentery and food poisoning. They were even used by Japanese samurai who took them into battle. Over time, these umeboshi plums have become an important part of the Japanese cuisine for medicine and diet purposes.

It’s been said that “a Plum a Day Keeps 100 Illnesses away”. Known as a superfood that contains vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and antioxidants, this fruit is potent and powerful enough to be consumed everyday for your health.

What is Umeboshi

Umeboshi is a type of pickled plum made from the fruit of the Japanese plum tree, which has been fermented, salted and dried in the sun. The plum is fermented with sea salt and red shiso leaves, giving rise to a pink hue with a salty and sour taste. Some of these plums can be left to dry and age for months or even years before they are enjoyed.

The taste of umeboshi is tart and salty, and can be quite intense for those who are trying it for the first time. It is readily eaten together with rice, added to rice balls, used as an appetizer, or added as a type of seasoning to dishes. You can also eat umeboshi paste, where the umeboshi is minced and processed into a red paste. Umeboshi paste is usually added to salad, soups or sushi. Even umeboshi vinegar can be used as a seasoning for vegetables and salads.

Benefits of Umeboshi

Used as a hangover cure, umeboshi has been known to help with digestion and detoxification. However, you don’t need to have a hangover to enjoy the benefits of umeboshi. 

Improves Digestion

Umeboshi helps to sharpen the appetite, aid with digestion and even limit the effects of pylori bacterium, which causes gastroenteritis, stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.

It can also help with vomiting, nausea and even morning sickness during pregnancy. Eating one plum the first thing in the morning before breakfast can stimulate your digestion for the rest of the day. The citric acid induces saliva production and assists in the digestion of rice. Plums are also good for killing germs in the intestine, improving flatulence and constipation, and even used against diarrhea and food poisoning.

Helps with Detoxification

Notably, umeboshi also helps with detoxification of toxins. Umeboshi contains picric acid to help the liver neutralize toxins effectively and contribute to overall well-being. It can boost your overall immunity and improve your resistance to viral infections such as colds, coughs, and sore throats.

High in Alkalinity

Umeboshi is also highly alkaline, and can help to break down a buildup of lactic acid in the blood, which could lead to arthritis, rheumatism, backaches, liver disease and cancers. Instead, plums help to normalize blood pH level and improve your overall health. 

High in Iron and Vitamins

Umeboshi is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron. Iron is important for haemoglobin production, stress reduction and immune function. Other vitamins like thiamin and riboflavin are important for a healthy metabolism and digestion and cortisol production.

Plums also have high citric acid content that increases the absorption of calcium and iron. These minerals are especially needed by pregnant women and their fetus, but also growing children, elderly people and those with arthritis and rheumatism.

Good for Oral Health

Umeboshi has powerful antimicrobial properties that can defend against oral bacteria, which cause gum disease and bad breath. 

Improves Energy and Vitality

Plums were used as a staple by the samurai to enhance their stamina and stop fatigue. They continue to be consumed for improved energy and vitality for everyday tasks. 

Anti-ageing Properties

Plums also contain high antioxidants, such as phytochemicals, that help to reduce free radical damage, common illnesses and slow down the ageing process.

Take Nature’s Glory Plum Ball Supplements For Daily Health

At Nature’s Glory, umeboshi comes in different forms. Enjoy the whole fruit of the umeboshi or pickled plum to be eaten as is, ume paste as an ingredient in dishes, and ume plum vinegar as a dressing. Or have the option to consume the goodness of umeboshi with the convenience of our Nature’s Glory Plum Ball Supplements.

Made from plum concentrate and mountain yam, our plums are boiled to form a thick syrup that yields a concentrated extract 30 times stronger than the fruit itself. One fresh plum of 25g results in two plum ball supplements. This is a unique product from Japan that gives you all the benefits of eating umeboshi every day.

Plum balls are excellent for alkalinity, reducing digestive issues, improving vitality, neutralising toxins in the body and boosting your immunity. They are suitable to be taken everyday, by taking 10 to 15 balls after each meal. 

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