Things to Know About The Blessed Soaps® by Nature’s Glory

As more and more people strive to achieve holistic wellness and lifestyle, there comes a surge of demand for organic products. From organic foods to environment-friendly house tools, more and more consumers are loving organic soaps too.

Since 1991, our Nature’s Glory brand has helped thousands of people achieve peak health through our range of organic products. We pride ourselves in selling premium organic products like castile soaps. Our Blessed Soaps® collection is famed for many reasons. This range of high-quality, liquid castile soaps are developed from pure essential oils and organic vegetable oils, making them non-toxic and extremely moisturising for the skin. Created using our nano-quantum technology and formulated using a blend of unique, organic ingredients, our Blessed Soaps® castile soaps are made friendly for all types of skin and designed to serve various purposes.                              

Why is it Called “Blessed Soaps®?”

Nature’s Glory’s castile soaps were named “The Blessed Soaps®” for a good reason. The term “BLESSED” stands for the castile soaps’ amazing features:

B alanced formulations – We used natural ingredients such as fruit oils, shea butter, and flower extracts to ensure optimum skin absorption. With the help of our nano-quantum technology, our Blessed Soaps® retain the soap’s ability to cleanse effectively throughout its shelf life.

L ess dry and moisturising – The balanced formulation allows for rich nutrient absorption into the skin, which promotes moisturised skin and cellular repair.

E ssential organic oils – Organic oils are one of the essential ingredients in making Blessed Soaps®.

S afe and certified organic - The Blessed Soaps® collection is also certified organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) under the registration number 8131P in Singapore.

S ilky smooth skin – Lather our castile soap on your skin without worrying about clogged pores! Our castile soaps provide deep yet gentle cleansing that will make your skin silky and supple.

E conomic savings – The castile soaps are created with super concentrated formula. This means that a few drops can go a long way. All it takes are a few drops to cleanse your hair and body!

D elay ageing – One of the most notable benefits of using Blessed Soaps® is it helps reduce signs of ageing.

The Different Types of Blessed Soaps®

We developed six different types of liquid castile soaps to suit every consumer’s needs. Do you need a soap that can soothe your body and mind? How about something refreshing and invigorating? Our Blessed Soaps® will indeed have something to suit your mood and needs.

Baby Love Unscented – This variant is ideal for babies, children, and people who have sensitive skin.

Citrus Joy – Citrus is specifically formulated to refresh, purify, uplift, and invigorate your mood. If you desire a fruity scent, you should try this one out. Our Parenting World suggests taking a bath with this castile soap after a stressful day at work. After using it, you will surely feel more energetic!

Lavender Peace – This scent helps relieve skin irritations, promotes better sleep, and relaxes the mind and body.

Eucalyptus Self-Control – Using this can help clear the mind and lungs and promotes vitality. Likewise, it refreshes and uplifts mood.

Peppermint Patience – Peppermint scent promotes focus and cools the whole body. If you fancy minty fragrances, this one’s the perfect choice. You can use this delightful scent to feel refreshed after a shower.

Tea Tree Kindness – Formulated with antibacterial and antifungal effects, this variant helps fight acne and dandruff.

Why Should You Buy Nature’s Glory Blessed Soaps®?

More than the aforementioned features and benefits, castile soaps like Blessed Soaps® are very versatile. Our cost-effective castile soaps can serve as a body wash, hand soap, pet wash, laundry wash, household cleaner, and many more. The products are great, and the prices are very reasonable—you are surely going to get a lot of bang for your buck!

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