Chlorella Skin Health Benefits

Do you ever wonder why babies and children have soft, blemish-free skin, and why adults have rough, wrinkled skin? No matter what you do, despite the hundreds of dollars you spend on beauty and skincare products, nothing seems to work in terms of turning back years and reviving your youthful and radiant skin. How you wish you could have skin as soft as baby’s even when you’re 35.

The good news is that the fountain of youth and beauty is now available for you. It’s called Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella CGF Extract.

How CGF Gives Your Skin A Beautiful Glow

You’re more likely to associate Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) with immunity building, growth boosting health supplement or vitamins especially for children who usually take it during their growth gap years. This is because chlorella, which is the green freshwater algae from which CGF is extracted, has been scientifically proven to contain high amounts of nutrients that build tissue and repair and regenerate cells. Apart from this, chlorella, particularly the Yaeyama chlorella from which Nature’s Glory’s Chlorella and CGF extract is sourced, contains the highest amount of alkaline chlorophyll.

Why is important about alkalinity? 

In chemistry, pH is the measure of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. Solutions with pH level less than 7 are said to be acidic, while solutions with ph Level greater than 7 are alkaline. To have clear, beautiful, and glowing skin, your body has to be alkaline all the time.

That’s why there are products like alkaline water which is said to have higher pH level than just plain tap, and therefore can help in nutrient absorption, slow skin and bone aging, and offer other healthy benefits. The principle of alkalinity is valid. Experts, such as those in Mayo Clinic, have yet to confirm the validity of the claims of alkaline water, however.

In practical terms, if you have been a coffee and alcohol drinker for a long time, you will usually have older looking, drier skin than friends of your same age. That’s why cosmetic companies stress about moisturising your skin.

This is also why people who take lots of fresh vegetables and fruits have glowing skin. No wonder, these are referred to as the “glow” foods in the food groups which we learn about in primary school.

Because Beauty Comes From Within, Take Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella CGF Extract

The CGF extract from Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella comes from the Yaeyama Islands, a group of islands in the southwest of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan.

Nestled in these pristine islands are two of the world’s pioneer and most authoritative Chlorella algae farms. Cultivated amidst 100% pure and clean coral-reef mineral water, and harvested outside under the sun, Yaeyama Chlorella has the highest content of Chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants that allows them to absorb energy from the sun. Yaeyama Chlorella has a Chlorophyll level of 4.2, the highest in the world.

CGF from Yaeyama Chlorella is therefore among the purest and most potent extract sourced from Nature. Because alkalinity is based on vegetables and mostly greens, taking in Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella CGF extract is like drinking from the fountain of youth – CGF makes the body and skin alkaline.

Proven to regenerate and repair cells in the body, CGF rejuvenates skin from within. Topical solutions may promise instantly seen results, but true skin care and beauty comes from within.

Give your family Nature’s Glory Yaeyama Chlorella CGF Extract today for a healthy, beautiful glowing skin that keeps the age away. 

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