Home Water Filtration System

Nothing tastes better than drinking clean water straight out of your faucet at home. However, even tap water these days can be full of bacteria, chlorine or other harmful substances that we unknowingly ingest into our system. 

Considering that our body is made up of 70% water, you would want to consume clean, purified water that’s been decontaminated. That’s where a proper water filtration system comes in. 

What is A Water Filtration System 

A water filtration system is basically a tool that helps us filter out bad bacteria and toxic substances in our drinking water through either physical barriers, chemical or biological methods. This purified water can be used for drinking, cooking, cleaning and showering with, for better taste and health.

There are a myriad of varieties of water filtration systems out there, including simple pitchers, under-the-sink installations, countertop models or faucet-mounted filters. Water from your faucet can also be filtered using different methods, such as using activated carbon, reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization, ultraviolet rays and many more. Each method and type has their own advantages and disadvantages and effectiveness for filtering water.

Benefits of Using A Water Filter

A water filter not only purifies your water source from toxins, it also leads to cleaner and better tasting water with no odours. Furthermore, water filters may provide health benefits like increasing immunity and antioxidant levels, reducing gastrointestinal disease, and chances of colorectal and bladder cancer. They also reduce environmental costs, by lowering the need to purchase individual plastic bottles of filtered drinking water from manufacturers.

Choosing the Right Water Filtration System

In addition to understanding the benefits of filtering water, choosing the right water filtration system depends on several factors:

  • Size: Do you want your water filter to be portable or fixed, and how large?
  • Installation: Do you have space for a water filter on your countertop or would you like to mount it straight onto your faucet? Maybe installing it under the sink would be more efficient for your house?
  • Budget: Water filters can range anywhere from tens to thousands of dollars depending on which system you choose
  • Filtration method: Certain types of filtration systems are more effective at eliminating more types of toxins, but may cost more due to the technology employed
  • Health benefits: Some water filters also provide other benefits like ionising water or increasing the pH and antioxidant levels of the water that may reduce ageing and illness.

Why is HiFloAM Water® different?

HiFloAM Water® is engineered to mimic the 3 properties of “miracle spring waters” from France, Mexico and Germany with: a weak alkaline pH, high hydration ability, and the ability to remove free radicals. 

Antioxidant benefits: HiFloAM Water® boasts higher levels of dissolved oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2).  O2 is essential for cell metabolism and cell recovery, and inhibits the growth of cancer cells, whereas H2 is effective in preventing free radical damage. HiFloAM Water® has oxygen levels that are more similar to natural spring waters and thus at the appropriate level for absorption by the human body.

Long-lasting filtration system: Due to the usage of high-quality platinum titanium plates in the chambers which will not rust, the HiFloAM Water® system is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years or 48,000 litres, whichever comes first.

Cost Effective:  Based on a maximum limit of 48,000 litres of water, this works out to be more than 13 years of usage for a family of 4, which consumes about 10 litres a day. Including filter changes and the cost of the machine, it is only 10 cents per litre to enjoy all these health benefits!

Easy installation: With both a regular countertop system and an under-the-sink model, HiFloAM Water® can be purchased for those households who require a smaller or larger treatment system, according to their budget and counter space.

Choose from our HiFloAM Water® Energized Water System and HiFloAM Water® Energized Water System (Under The Sink Version) models.

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