Alkaline Water Myths

Electrolyzed, alkaline water was invented in 1834 and commercialized over 50 years ago in Japan, it has since grown popular over the years that even the Ministry of Health Japan approved it as a medical device for gastro-intestinal disorders since 1965. While consuming alkaline water has become more commonplace in recent years, new research has surfaced that is changing our understanding of its benefits.

After more than 40 years of passionate research in alkaline water, with the last 15 years on “miracle spring waters”, renowned water researcher Dr Kokichi Hanaoka reveals new research which is now more important than what is currently believed about alkaline water. These parameters are not only found in the miracle spring waters, but are also now replicated in our HiFloAM Water® Filtration System.

Here are 7 myths about alkaline that are now being debunked by Dr Kokichi Hanaoka-

Myth 1: High pH in alkaline water neutralizes high acidity in the body

The high pH levels of alkaline water are quickly neutralized by stomach acids, as digestive juices require an acidic pH to break down the food. Therefore, the final pH of the water in the stomach becomes acidic, which is required as a protective shield against pathogens. 

Constantly dosing with alkaline water may compromise the immunity of some individuals, especially the very young, old and those who are sick with and low immunity. Even most fish or plants subject to such high levels pH would eventually die. HiFloAM Water® has a mild neutral pH range of 7 to 8 similar to miracle waters and is deemed safe for consumption by the very young, old and sick.

Myth 2: High Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in alkaline water helps neutralize free radicals in the body

The high pH in alkaline water is said to generate a high negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) to remove free radicals. However, since ORP is very unstable and diminishes by the minute, it is now believed that the dissolved hydrogen (not ORP) in alkaline water actually contributes to the removal of free radicals instead. 

HiFloAM Water® has up to eight times more dissolved hydrogen (DH) than most conventional alkaline waters, which stays in the water for four days or more to exert its powerful effects. In contrast, the DH in alkaline water usually only lasts for a few minutes. This higher DH has been proven to remove up to 40% more free radicals than conventional alkaline water and pure water.

Myth 3: Oxygen causes oxidation and free radical damage in the body

One must first distinguish between ozone (O3), which is harmful and damaging, and oxygen (O2), which is crucial for our cells survival and to convert food to energy. Without oxygen, our cells can also turn food to energy, but at a much more inefficient rate. This is called anaerobic respiration. Cancer cells are such cells which thrive without oxygen and take up 17 times more sugar than normal cells to make energy. 

When oxygen is constantly given to cancer cells, they do not survive well and eventually die. On the other hand, this oxygen is so crucial for our normal cells to function efficiently. It is also important for cell repair. Drinkers of alkaline water seem to have abnormally short blood capillaries, a possible sign of oxygen deprivation and allergies (according to some experts).

HiFloAM Water® has a higher level of dissolved oxygen, similar to natural spring waters (about 20-50% more than tap, alkaline or bottled mineral water). This dissolved oxygen stays in the water for four days or more, leading to better efficiencies in cell repair and reduction of abnormal cells.

Myth 4: Too much oxygen is harmful for the body

An overdose of oxygen is harmful for the human body. However, the levels of oxygen in HiFloAM Water®  are within the range which occur normally in natural spring waters. It is generally accepted that natural spring waters are good for health.

Myth 5: High alkaline pH removes oil in the body

Alkaline substances combine with and remove oil, for example when we wash our hands with soap. However, the pH level of such alkaline substances like soap is very high (pH 11 or more). This makes it difficult to drink such high alkaline substances without upsetting the stomach. In fact, as mentioned above, the stomach will try to quickly turn the high alkaline substances acidic so that it can function normally and also protect the body against pathogens. Hence, high pH water should be used externally to remove oil, but not internally.

Myth 6: Small clusters of water make alkaline water more readily absorbed into the cells

Water clusters form and break in a very short time and are very unstable. So although small clusters of water have been shown to exist in alkaline and other waters, their short transient state is not enough to prove the greater permeability of water into the cells. Dr Kokichi Hanaoka has spent many years analyzing what allows water to permeate cells and membranes for quicker absorption. He has stumbled upon a new parameter called dissociation activity of water denoted by the symbol pKw.

Dissociation activity shows the extent by which the water is in an ionic state. The greater this occurs, the greater the extent of ionization of water into H+ and OH- ions, and the faster the permeability of the water into cells and membranes.

This property has been shown to be stable for over 6 to 12 months and has been proven in actual case studies. The water not only permeates faster and is absorbed into cells, the wastes which it carries are also removed quicker. In addition, users of high dissociation water as found in miracle spring waters have found wonderful effects in their health as shown in many texts on miracle waters.

HiFloAM Water® shows about 10 times the dissociation activity compared to reverse osmosis water, 7 times more than tap water, 4 times more than alkaline water. After 3 months of consuming HiFloAM Water®, users also experienced less water retention, more supple skin and overall improvement in health.

Myth 7: Deeper green colour of tea in alkaline water shows greater permeability into cells

This is not true as the same results were achieved by using alkali like sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in normal water without the process of electrolysis. 

You can do this simple test for change of color as follows.

  1. Preparation of two cups.
  2. Put tap water into the two cups of 200 ml.
  3. Preparation of pH10 and 7 of water with two cups by using diluted NaOH solution. So you can get about pH10 and 7 water.
  4. Put 2g green tea into two cups respectively.
  5. pH 10 of water shows brown color and pH 7 does not show brown color.

This clearly proves that high pH (and NOT smaller clusters of water made by electrolysis) draws out the deeper colour of the tea. One can change the color using tap water and alkaline chemicals alone.

So in summary,

  1. High alkaline pH does not neutralize high acidity or waste in the body, but may bring more harm than good in the long term.
  2. High ORP does not remove free radicals, but Dissolved Hydrogen removes the free radicals
  3. Oxygen at natural levels does not cause oxidation to the body but helps the cells function well.
  4. Constant oxygen supply at natural levels may help sick or even cancer cells recover
  5. Very high pH does not remove oil in the body and is not suitable for drinking
  6. Higher dissociation activity of water (and NOT small water clusters) allow greater permeability into cells for improving overall conditions of the body.
  7. Deeper green tea colour using alkaline water do not show greater permeability into cells but show that the higher pH are responsible for the colour change

Why is this important?

As these 7 myths about alkaline water are now being discredited, we do recommend our own HiFloAM Water® has mild alkaline pH range of 7 to 8, with high dissolved Oxygen (important for cellular health) and high dissociation activity for much greater permeability into the cells. It also contains high dissolved Hydrogen which helps remove free radicals which are linked to over 90% of the sickness today. Because the HiFloAM Water® system is engineered to replicate the pH levels and other properties of natural spring waters, it is much more easily absorbed and beneficial for us to consume.

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