Nature's Glory Adam's ClayMin Tablet 200 tabs (Best before: Approx. 2 years)

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Nature's Glory Adam's ClayMin Tablets

For centuries, the Native American Indians have been using clay mineral deposits as an internal and external healing natural product.

Nature’s Glory Adam’s ClayMin, which is known as the “Living Clay”, helps to remineralize and detoxify internally. The most common degenerative diseases today are heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis, and many others may be linked to mineral and trace mineral deficiencies. Even with a healthy diet, without trace minerals the body is defenceless. Studies show that mineral micronutrients are a necessity to every single cell and its corresponding enzyme systems.

Minerals are needed to help the body detoxify, but commercially available colloidal minerals and oral supplements cannot directly remove toxins from your body. Our Adam’s ClayMin can. Containing nature's most powerful, internal organic cleansing clay, Adam’s helps to remove pathogens, heavy metals, and mycotoxins from your colon. Thus, it is effective in cleansing colon systems and maintaining a healthy colon. Nature’s Glory Adam’s ClayMin is a superb healing and detoxifying agent and has high nutritional value. It is a food-grade powder of nano-silica particles packed with ionic minerals. Adam’s ClayMin is made of pure calcium montmorillonite, the only natural mineral supplement that can deliver trace minerals as it sweeps the body, clean of internal toxins.

Nature’s Glory Adam’s ClayMin is in tablet form for ease of consumption and convenience to bring along in your travels.

Health benefits
Our Adam’s ClayMin Tablets may be consumed for the treatment of colitis, diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, and anaemia. By supplementing the diet with Adam’s ClayMin Tablets, it may promote growth and increase bone density, thus preventing bone disorders. Consuming Adam’s ClayMin Tablets also helps to ease gum abscesses and stop bleeding in the gums. ClayMin promotes recovery from surgery. It may also help to alleviate food allergies. It has high nutritional value; it is high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and silica as well as trace minerals, also known as micronutrients.

Trace minerals are substances of which only minute amounts are essential to life. They become the catalysts to speed the rate of chemical reactions vital for the development and normal functioning of the cells. Adam’s ClayMin has an abundance of negatively charged ions, thus they create movement and interchange of positively charged ions. This phenomenon is essential to all metabolic processes in the human body. It is said that positively-charged ions in the body may cause body acidity, blood oxidation and free radicals that gradually compromise our innate immune systems and create ion imbalance. As such, many may experience fatigue, ailments and chronic health problems.

Silica is an amazing and vital mineral that many people simply don’t get enough of. Silica strengthens your hair, teeth, bones and all your connective tissue. Without enough silica, your skin ages prematurely. Most people still don't get enough of it from their diet. Silicon-deficient diets resulted in retarded growth, poor bone development, and more atherosclerotic arterial plaques in animal studies. Adam’s ClayMin Tablets has high Silicon level, approximately 55.3%.

Nutrition Facts
Calcium: 4.69%, Phosphorus: 0.15%, Sodium: 1.13%, Iron: 4.35%, Potassium: 2.8%, Magnesium: 2.88%, Zinc: 97.3ppm and 54 other elements.

How To Use For internal use. Take 4-5 tablets a day.

Ingredient(s) Adam's Claymin in tablet form.

Storage Keep in a cool and dry place.

Type Health Supplement

Product of U.S.A.

Available: 200 Tablets

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