Borage Oil Omega Nutrition 60ml Organic

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Borage Oil Organic Omega Nutrition

Borage Seed Oil - Essential Fatty Acid Oil

Product of USA

The Borage plant has been consumed for generations in Europe but only recently was its seed identified as a potent natural source of the omega-6 EFA derivative, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Borage Oil has a higher concentration of GLA than black currant or evening primrose oils. It's also more cost-effective as Borage seeds are larger and contain more oil. Borage oil is the preferred source of GLA among many nutritionists and natural health practitioners.

Benefits of daily consumption of Borage Oil: Has the highest, natural GLA concentration compared to other plant sources. Assists the body in its natural healing process. Is extracted without chemicals or refining. Daily consumption has beneficial effects on acne, allergies, cardiovascular problems, dehydration, dry skin, fatigue, PMS, osteoarthritis, weight-problems, mood swings and liver problems. Is more cost-effective than other GLA sources due to its large, potent seeds.

Instructions: Mix into food before serving, or use in salads and dressings. Use for cold preparation only, Borage is not a cooking oil.

Ingredients: 100%-Certified-Organic, Unrefined Borage Seed Oil.

Available: 60ml

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