Cold Press Sunflower Oil Nature's Glory 330ml/1litre Organic (NA 8131P) (Best before: Approx.1 year)

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Organic Sunflower Oil Nature's Glory

Cold Press High Oliec

Product of Australia

Nature’s Glory sunflower oil is made from 100% organically grown sunflower seeds in Central Queensland, Australia, where the sunshine, rich soil and clean air are ideal conditions for the culture of high-quality sunflower seeds. No chemical insecticides, fungicides or herbicides are used during their culture, earning them the organic certification by BFA and NASAA. They are also certified GMO free.

The seeds are traditionally cold-pressed, without the use of chemicals, solvents (like hexane) or heat to further extract the oil, giving you pure sunflower oil the way nature intended it to be.

Sunflower oil is a known source of minerals, phosphotides, and vitamin E. It is also high in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, but low in saturated fats. It has a mild, yet distinctive sunflower seed flavour and is suitable for cooking.

Ingredient: Organic Sunflower Seeds.

Recipes: Homebaked Organic Granola RecipeBanana Bread RecipeBanana Oat Cookies Recipe

Storage: Keep in a dark, cool place.

Available:  330ml, 1-litre

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