Turmeric Oral Health Benefits

Turmeric has been known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties as a powerhouse superfood. But did you know that its health benefits can be also applied to your oral health?

Due to this reason, turmeric can be an important ingredient for mouthwashes, irrigation and teeth whitening treatments. Turmeric powder can help to prevent the incidence of gum disease, gum pain and inflammation and even cavities. 

What makes it even better is that turmeric has a natural, affordable ingredient that may be more effective than some of the other chemical-laden dental products on the market. For example, alcohol present in commercial mouthwashes may increase your risk of oral cancer. Similarly, most toothpastes contain a chemical called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) to help them foam when brushing. However SLS can cause irritation and allergic reactions as it strips the skin of its natural oils. 

Choosing to use natural turmeric powder as an alternative for dental products may instead be safer for your teeth, gums and oral health.

How to Use Turmeric Powder for Oral Health

#1 Prevents Plaque 

Turmeric powder can be effective against the buildup of plaque in your mouth. It has been shown to reduce total microbial count through the use of a turmeric mouthwash. 

A simple mouthwash can be made just by using a teaspoonful of turmeric powder mixed with some water. Rinse out the mouthwash thoroughly when you’ve gargled with it. 

#2 Reduce Inflammation and Prevents Gingivitis

Due to its anti-inflammatory benefits, rinsing with a turmeric mouthwash or applying turmeric paste to your gums and teeth can help to reduce inflammation. Turmeric paste can be made by mixing some turmeric powder with either water or coconut oil and massaging it on your gums and teeth for about 5 minutes. Rinse the paste off when you’re done. 

You can use the turmeric paste on your gums twice a day if they are really inflamed or if you have gingivitis. Just remember to brush them away after you’re done with it. 

#3 Teeth Whitening

Even though turmeric stains everything yellow, it can actually help with teeth whitening. Use ground turmeric as a paste or ‘toothpaste’ to clean your gums and teeth normally to help with whitening effects.

Other points to take note of:

Turmeric powder stains everything that it touches, including your toothbrush, your containers and other tools that you use it with. Be sure to wash them carefully after use to prevent more stains, but your toothbrush will likely remain yellow after adding turmeric. 

Turmeric also has a rich, bitter taste that may take some getting used to for some. You can always add some peppermint oil/mint extract or other flavour to reduce the strong taste. 

Nature’s Glory 3-Colour Fermented Turmeric Powder

Worried about what you’re really putting on your teeth? Using a natural ingredient like turmeric powder can give you peace of mind, compared to the toxic chemicals that go into your toothpaste and mouthwash such as: Chlorhexidine, Eucalyptol, Benzalkonium Chloride, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Methylparaben, Hydrogen Peroxide. 

Instead, you can use our Nature’s Glory 3-Colour Fermented Turmeric Powder. Organically grown in Okinawa, Japan, it is made from 3 types of fermented turmeric - purple, spring and autumn. The fermentation of the turmeric reduces the sugar content and makes the nutrients more bioavailable, while the product has no additional chemicals or additives. 

With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help with teeth whitening, cavities, gum disease and overall oral health in a safe and natural way. It is versatile, affordable and simple to use, such that a little goes a long way when cleaning your teeth and gums. Moreover, you can add the turmeric to your drinks, juices and food as well.

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