5 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into an Eco-Friendly and Healthy Haven

2022 is all about setting new goals for yourself to live a better life. Besides changing your diet, one way to achieve this goal is to improve your home environment. 

Among the different areas in your house, one of the most used and, therefore, most important rooms you need to prioritise is your bathroom.

A bathroom is the first place you go when you wake up in the morning and the last place you visit before heading to bed. Besides its utilitarian purpose, it also serves as a haven where you can unwind, relax, and have your much-needed me-time after a stressful day. That's why your bathroom should reflect your physical and emotional state.

If your goal is to be healthy and sustainable this year, your bathroom should be the same. So, to make a healthier, hygienic, and more eco-friendly bathroom, here are some tips to get you started.

Don't use plastic curtains; opt for glass panelling

Although they're the cheaper and more available option, plastic shower curtains are made with PVC, containing toxins like carcinogens that are harmful to your health. They're also more prone to mould and bacteria than other alternatives.

If you want a more sustainable option, try installing glass panels. Glass is an excellent partition option for your bathroom. Compared to plastic, they're more durable, low-maintenance, and less likely to collect mould. They're also more versatile and modern, giving glass panels an aesthetic advantage in the bathroom.

Use natural cleaners

Another great way to improve your bathroom is to replace store-bought cleaners with a natural alternative. 

There are many DIY recipes you can find online to create your own natural cleaner at home. Some use vinegar, water, and essential oils, while others use baking soda and organic soaps.

If you have no time to create a natural cleaner at home, you can simply buy castile soap at Nature’s Glory to take care of your home cleaning needs.

Castile soap is a multipurpose product rich in potent antibacterial properties. Therefore, it can be used to clean your sinks, toilets, and shower tiles in the safest and most effective way possible. It's also biodegradable; made with natural and organic ingredients, making it a safe and beneficial product for your health and the environment.

Replace commercially-produced body soaps with organic bar soaps

In terms of your face and body soap, make it a point to steer clear of commercially-produced products that may contain harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates. Instead, try to take the more organic route.

As mentioned, castile soap is versatile and multipurpose. Aside from being used as a natural household cleaner, you can also use it as a face, body, and hair wash. It's gentle enough on the skin, which makes it ideal for sensitive people. In addition, its natural ingredients contribute to its moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects to target common skin conditions like dryness, acne, and oiliness. 

Nature’s Glory's Blessed Soap Series comes in a wide selection of products, so you can choose from various scents and castile soap benefits that suit your preferences. 

Declutter skincare and beauty products

Besides your soap, consider replacing your skincare and beauty products with their healthier counterparts.

Most commercially-produced products contain toxins like parabens, formaldehyde, petrolatum, and triclosan for longevity and fragrance purposes. While they're beneficial for the product themselves, they can be harmful to your health. Excessive exposure to these chemicals can trigger allergic reactions and other severe health conditions. That's why it's safer if you switch to organic products. 

For your lip balm, try Zum Kiss Shea Butter Lip Balm. It’s made with certified organic ingredients to give you softer, smoother, and more moisturised lips. 

For your lotion, try the all-natural Zum Body Lotion with Bulgarian lavender. It can soothe your senses while effectively moisturising and pampering your dry skin. 

These are just a few of the organic products you can find at Nature’s Glory. Alternatively, you can choose to DIY your beauty products yourself.

Diffuse essential oils

To complete your wellness bathroom experience, invest in essential oils and a diffuser to revitalise your senses and help you kickstart your daily activities. 

Essential oils are proven to have a calming and purifying effect to boost your health and mood. So, if you feel under the weather, you can simply diffuse essential oils in your bathroom. 

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