Manuka Honey Medical Uses

Used since ancient times for ailments including wounds, sore throats, gum diseases, and stomach health, Manuka honey has been known for its natural healing properties. Manuka honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that can be beneficial when naturally  applied as a treatment for common ailments.

Manuka honey can be ingested as a supplement or applied topically to the surface of skin and gums as a natural remedy for the body. Derived from the nectar of the flowers from the Manuka bush native to Australia and New Zealand, Manuka is prized not only as a natural sweetener but also for its healing abilities.

How to Use Manuka Honey for Your Health

Here are some suggestions on how you can use Manuka Honey for your health:

Wound Healing 

Manuka honey’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to quicken the wound healing process. Apply directly to the site of the infection or wound and bandage.

Gums And Teeth 

Manuka honey is antibacterial, thus one home remedy would be to use it on improve gum health by massaging it directly on your gums as a gel. It can also be used as a toothpaste or even mouthwash to reduce and rinse away toxic bacteria.

Daily Supplement 

Since Manuka Honey is also known to boost immunity, take one teaspoon a day for better overall health. You can also add Apple Cider Vinegar or yogurt for more benefits. You can add the honey into your smoothies, tea, water for a simple and delicious way to enjoy it everyday.

Sore Throat and Coughs

Got an itchy throat or cough that doesn’t go away? Try Manuka honey to help with an inflamed throat.

Natural beauty 

Ditch the chemical-laden personal care products and reach for that bottle of Manuka honey. It can be used for facials, face cleanses, hair masks and much more.

For Baking/Cooking as a Natural Sweetener

When it comes to sweetening your dishes and baked goods, Manuka honey can act as a healthier substitute for processed sugar.

Nature’s Glory Manuka Honey For Your Health

Set apart from other Manuka Honeys, Nature’s Glory Manuka Honey is organically harvested from beehives on the South Island of New Zealand, situated on land that is protected by the Department of Conservation.

Furthermore, our Manuka Honey is harvested without any GMOs, chemicals or artificial flavours and colours, ensuring the purest and premium quality honey. Our Manuka Honeys have a Total Activity of 15+ and 30+, which are high ratings of its antibacterial properties.

Organic Manuka Honey (Bioactive 15+)

Our Nature's Glory Organic Super Bioactive Manuka Honey is organically certified by Agriquality NZ (IFOAM Accredited) with no pesticides or additives used. The high antibacterial activity in Manuka honey termed as "Total Activity" has been attributed not only to the presence of hydrogen peroxide but also to non-peroxide components, which is stable and are not affected by environmental factors, unlike most honey.

Organic XO Manuka Honey Super Bioactive (Bioactive 30+)

Our Manuka "XO" Honey is rare, potent and effective honey against ulcers. It has an extremely high 30+ antibacterial activity than most manuka and other honey with more than 90% pollen count. It is organically certified by Agri quality NZ (IFOAM Accredited) with no pesticides or additives used and has one of the highest grades of all manuka honeys.

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