Singapore’s Birthday
Nature’s Glory Celebrates its 29th Glorious Years of Health Mission in Singapore!

13 Years into Energy Research for Healthier Lives and Products for Mankind.

Multi-award Winning. World’s First, the Blessed Soap®, Singapore’s Smart Technology, Towards Baby Skin, from Head to Toe. Organic essential oil Castile soaps.

  • Up to 40% nutrient absorption.
  • Up to 50% soap savings.
  • Up to 30% water savings.
  • Consistent potency for 3 years to compare with the world’s best.
  • Easy to wash for body and hair.
  • No residues, good for skin and hair, safe even for a day’s old babies.

Other inventions: Non germ free masks may allow germs to leak out and potentially spread. Our One Second Energy Mask, value for 30 days, is invented to potentially remove germs within one second in contact with mask, for better germ control, as proven by one leading Thai hospital. But the germs are airborne and attack the face, eyes, ears, scalp, neck, body, skin and clothes by making inroads into our body.

Masks alone could not remove the germs internally. We invented energy patches to potentially deal with germs internally on a holistic approach. We are duty bound to protect our staff and issued both masks and patches to protect them with amazingly good results. We are also exploring the germ control on a nationwide basis through satellite. Our 2 year research study since March 2018 on pathogens has great promises ahead.

Our Organic mFREE Mosquito Repellent and Patch Therapy, toxic free, is a 2 pronged approach to meet the rising dengue cases. We specialize on energy, water and pioneered

The organic movement here with nature at its best, as Nature intended.

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