Korean Skincare Routine

The Korean skincare routine has been making waves in the beauty industry worldwide, and there's no question why that is. With their meticulous process and detailed regimens, they have shown the world the importance of taking good care of your skin.  

So if you're interested to learn how you can get on the K-beauty bandwagon to achieve glassy skin and a flawless finish, keep reading.

Useful Tips to Steal from the Popular Korean Skincare Routine

To achieve smooth, glowing skin, Koreans have formulated the popular 10 to 12-step skincare routine that focuses on using organic products with natural ingredients and following specific techniques. 

It might sound crazy to follow a 12-step routine, but it doesn’t have to be. This article gathered the top Korean beauty tips you can incorporate into your routine to get the best results without all the hassle. 

  • Do facial massage exercises

Have you ever wondered how Koreans always look so youthful? Well, the answer is facial massages. You can use rollers and other devices, but your hands will do just fine. To massage your face, simply apply gentle pressure on your face with your hands and move upwards and out. This will help lift your skin to prevent sagging and sculpt the muscles on your face. 

To avoid getting blemishes, be sure to work with clean hands. You can also work with organic facial oils and work them into your skin for maximum results. 

  • Always double cleanse

Your skin is constantly exposed to pollution and dirt, whether you’re going out of your house often or staying in. That’s why it's important to cleanse your skin until you're 100% sure that all the residue is removed from your face. 

After washing your face with natural organic soap, you might feel like you've cleaned it thoroughly, but it takes more than one wash to remove all the collected dirt, oil, and makeup on your skin. It takes at least two cleanses to ensure that you get rid of junk on your skin. Plus, it helps get rid of blemishes and prevents acne.

  • Be mindful about anti-ageing

Koreans are very particular about ageing. Rather than waiting to see wrinkles on their faces, they begin protecting their skin by applying the right products at a young age.
Aside from sunscreen, one of the anti-ageing products that you can use is castile soap. Castile soaps are high in antioxidants like vitamins A and E that protect the skin from cell degeneration. This helps to delay the ageing process and the appearance of fine lines.
  • Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an essential step to remove dead skin cells and brighten up your complexion. However, you need to approach it with care as too much exfoliation can damage your skin, causing redness and irritation. So, listen to your skin, and only exfoliate with the right products in times when your skin needs it most. 

  • Follow a proper skincare order

One distinguishing factor about the Korean skincare routine is layers. They believe in layering products to get the best results. But it doesn't mean you can just apply them on without an order. Instead, you need to do it step-by-step. First, you need to prepare your skin so it can absorb the treatments properly. Then apply your products from thinnest to thickest. 

So that means your routine might look a little like this: first, you cleanse to get rid of toxins and prep the skin. Then you apply emulsion to balance the skin's pH level and absorb moisture. Next, apply serums to get nutrients. Lastly, spread your moisturizer to seal all the products in. 

Achieve Fresh, Radiant Skin with Organic Castile Soap

More than the products they use, Korean skincare is very particular with best practices and skin principles. So, to achieve fresh, radiant skin, you can follow these tips and use organic castile soap in your routine. 

Castile soap is also jam-packed with healthy nutrients that can enhance your skin's properties, leaving it feeling soft, moisturized, and hydrated. 

Using castile soap by itself already has incredible benefits. Imagine the change in your complexion when you apply this soap using the popular Korean skincare routine. You'll be surprised at how radiant and fresh your skin will be. 

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