It might seem surprising that a natural sweetener like honey can help with weight loss, but research shows that organic honey contains minerals and compounds that can detoxify and boost fat reduction in the body. 

The Nutritional Value of Honey

As an organic sweetener, honey is an incredible substitute for refined and calorie-laden sugar. This does not mean, however, that honey is calorie-free. On the contrary, a tablespoon of honey can contain as much as 64 calories, but it also has nutrients like fibre and energy that refined sugars lack. Other minerals found in honey include iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, and vitamins like Vitamin C, niacin, folate, and Vitamin B.

Despite having natural sugars like glucose, maltose, fructose, and sucrose, honey is also rich in organic compounds and antioxidants that prevent heart ailments and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition, regular consumption of honey can reduce cholesterol and lower plasma glucose levels in the body. 

How Honey Helps with Weight Loss

Sugar in itself has no nutritional value. It only contains calories, which turn into fats when digested. Normally, this fat remains unused in the body, adding bulk and causing unnecessary weight gain. 

Because of honey’s active compounds and nutritional value, it can mobilize fat, converting it to energy to power your daily activities. Additionally, since honey reduces cholesterol levels, you will feel more vigorous and livelier to lead a more active lifestyle. With increased levels of energy, you can move and do more, resulting in faster weight loss. 

3 Combinations with Organic Honey for Weight Loss

Although one tablespoon of honey mixed with warm water a day can stimulate your body, combining it with other organic ingredients that promote weight loss can boost the overall process. Here are three simple honey combinations you can try at home.

  1. Honey and Cinnamon

    Cinnamon is a spice that is commonly used to flavour dishes and desserts. Like honey, cinnamon contains high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help detoxify the body and remove free radicals in your system. 

    It also has a very distinct aroma and flavour, which perfectly complements that of the honey. To use it for weight loss, you can add one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon to your warm tea. When these ingredients are combined, the metabolizing factors will increase efficiency and give you the energy you need. Moreover, drinking this tea concoction early in the day can maintain your appetite, so you won't feel the urge to binge eat any time of the day.
  2. Honey and Lemon 

    Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C, which helps with liver function and metabolism. Also, lemon increases glutathione functions, which is an important antioxidant for slimming and detoxification. Drinking a warm glass of water mixed with lemon and honey before you begin your day can jumpstart the metabolic process. 
  3. Honey and Garlic

    Garlic contains compounds that help activate enzymes to kill toxins and detoxify your liver. It also increases your metabolism so you can feel more energized to work out and burn calories. Although it might seem odd, eating one teaspoon of honey with raw garlic in the morning can help improve digestion. Moreover, with these ingredients combined, you can improve your immune system to keep your body fit and healthy.

Helpful Tips when Choosing the Honey for Best Results

Honey is a popular ingredient that you can find in most stores nationwide. However, not all honey is the same. Most supermarket brands do not offer pure organic honey. Some may contain additives like corn syrup and added sugar, which can backtrack your weight loss program. 

Here are tips to help you choose the best honey for the best results.

  • Buy Manuka Honey with at least a UMF 10+ rating to get the maximum antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to aid with detoxification and metabolism. 
  • Before buying honey, always check the ingredients list. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any syrups, sugars, or unnecessary additives. These extra components will dilute the beneficial properties of honey and increase your calorie intake, slowing down your weight loss journey.
  • Lastly, be particular about the label. Check if it has organic certifications to ensure the best quality honey. 

Shop for Organic Ingredients and Natural Honey in Singapore for Weight Loss

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With these ingredients, you can try out the recipes mentioned above, experience the incredible benefits, and ultimately live a healthier and organic life.

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