Gluten-free has always been a trigger word for most health buffs globally. In recent years, it has become a fad to follow a gluten-free diet simply because they can. Most people believe that avoiding gluten-high foods can help them lose weight. Others assume that it’s a much healthier alternative. 

Without diving deep into the implications of eating gluten-free foods, the popularity of this diet has soared immensely. Now it’s time to set the records straight. 

What Does Gluten-free Mean?

To start, gluten is essentially a protein that you find in food products such as wheat, rye, and barley. It is the element that provides elasticity in your dough to bind the different elements together. Gluten is mostly found in food such as pizza, bread, cereal, pasta, and beer. Following a gluten-free diet means removing all traces of gluten in your food. 

This type of diet began when people suffering from celiac disease or wheat allergies started experiencing symptoms caused by a high intake of gluten-rich foods. Symptoms range from skin rashes or itching and migraines to vitamin deficiency, joint inflammation and pains, digestive problems, and fatigue. The only way to avoid these conditions is to eliminate gluten completely. 

Through this diet, people saw improvements in their bodies and their overall health.

Benefits of Gluten-free Foods?

Gluten-rich foods are typically processed food containing high levels of carbohydrates and fats with little to no nutritional value. When you switch to a gluten-free diet, you will be more drawn to whole foods such as fruits and vegetables that are good for your health. Gluten-free foods also include grains like quinoa and brown rice that are high in fibre and other nutrients to improve your well-being.

When you follow a gluten-free diet, especially if you’re sensitive to this particular protein, you will reap long term health benefits such as:

  • Improved Energy Levels
Too much gluten tends to tire you more easily. You feel groggy and unmotivated. This is because gluten affects your intestines, preventing proper absorption of vitamins, including iron. When your body doesn't get the nutrients it requires, you experience fatigue. By eliminating the cause of the problem, you can feel more energized to get on with your day.
  • Healthy Weight Gain
The second benefit is healthy weight gain. Though most people have the misconception that gluten-free foods will promote weight loss, that’s not completely true. Since gluten is high in carbs and fats, you won’t be filling your body with excessive fatty acids and lipids. Rather, you fill your body with healthier substances rich in nutrients and vitamins. You will still be gaining weight, but with healthier fats.
  • Less Headaches
Studies have shown the connection between your gut and your brain. When your stomach is in distress caused by gluten foods, you are more prone to migraines. By taking care of your digestive system, you prevent future causes of headaches.
  • Better Skin
People who are sensitive to gluten tend to display skin rashes like psoriasis and eczema. When you eliminate gluten from your diet, you will see a vast improvement in your skin condition.

Organic, Gluten-free Products  Available in Nature's Glory

Going gluten-free doesn't have to be restrictive. It's healthy but definitely not tasteless. With several organic, gluten-free alternatives in the market, you can enjoy delicious snacks without having to sacrifice taste and flavour.

Some of the products you can find in Nature’s Glory online organic store include:

    1. Kuranda Wholefoods - It's a delicious and healthy snack you can bring on the go. It comes in four delicious flavours: Cashews and Almonds, Roasted Nut and Cranberry, Chia and Almond, and Chia and Cacao Nibs.
    2. Luke’s Potato Chips White Truffle & Sea Salt - who says you can't enjoy your favourite chips when you go gluten-free? This alternative combines the rich truffle and sea salt flavours for that mouth-watering snack experience you can't get enough of.
    3. Green Pea Chips - A healthier yet equally delicious snack you can enjoy daily. You don't have to feel guilty about binging because everything about green pea chips is healthy for your body.
    4. Organic Mung Bean Chips - For the discerning palette, another option of chips is the organic mung bean, which has a total fat content and cholesterol of 0 grams, perfect for all health enthusiasts.
    5. PureHarvest Original Almond Milk - This contains 11% organic almonds, which enhances the flavour tenfold. It's rich, decadent, and highly addicting, better than regular milk.
    6. Bud of Joy Organic Gluten-Free Sourdough - This is freshly-baked organic, gluten-free bread that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. It's moist, chewy, and soft with no preservatives and sweeteners.
    7. Deeebee’s Superfruit Freezie - The first organic, freeze-at-home juice bar to keep you cool and refreshed during the hot and humid days. You can choose from a selection of flavours to get your daily fix.

How Do you Switch to a Gluten-free Lifestyle?

With these available options, you don’t have to worry about the accessibility of going gluten-free. Nature’s Glory delivers straight to your doorstep for your ultimate convenience.

If you're starting on your journey, take it slowly. Gradually remove gluten products from your diet and simultaneously replace them with gluten-free alternatives. Before you know it, you're living a completely gluten-free lifestyle.

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