Castile Soap Uses

If you are into natural cleaning remedies, you are probably familiar with the various household products that can be used as natural body soap, dishwasher soap or other cleaning purposes. However, apart from the common natural home cleaners like vinegar and baking soda, there is another product you can use effectively for cleaning purposes: castile soap.

Castile soap is a great natural alternative to commercial soaps. Castile soap is an all-purpose soap that can be used for various purposes, ranging from cleaning wounds to cleaning your home. 

Why Use Castile Soap to Clean Your Body and Home?

Castile soap is a natural cleaner free of harsh chemicals. Cleaning your body and home with castile soap is a natural and inexpensive way of removing toxins. You can begin cleaning your body and home easily with just two ingredients: castile soap and water.

Moreover, castile soap is eco-friendly. It reduced impact on the environment as it does not contain added ingredients, such as surfactants, phosphates, preservatives, borate and nitrates.

How to Use Castile Soap as a Home and Body Cleaning Solution?

Here are the few different bodies and household cleaning uses of castile soap.

  • Toothpaste

Surprisingly, castile soap can be safely used as a toothpaste. To use it as a toothpaste, place a few drops on your already wet toothbrush and brush your teeth like usual. While castile soap is easy to use and works just like normal toothpaste, you may need some time to get used to its taste. 
  • Body Wash and Shampoo

You can use castile soap as a two-in-one soap to clean your hair and body. To use it as a body wash, squirt some drops on a wet washcloth and use them as usual to wash your body. You do not need to add extra water to dilute it since the water in your shower is enough. Similarly, you can just work a small quantity of undiluted soap into your wet hair.
If you are using ordinary, unscented liquid castile soap, you can add other active ingredients or scents, such as honey, vitamin E oil or essential oils, to personalise it. However, suppose you are using naturally-scented castile soap like the Blessed Soaps. In that case, you can use them as is as they already contain all the necessary ingredients and fragrance.
  • Pet Shampoo

Add a few drops of castile soap to your wet pet’s coat and give their fur a good rub. Then, rinse and dry your pet. If you want a milder shampoo, you can dilute one part of the soap with three parts of water.
  • Shower Scrub

To make a non-toxic shower scrub, mix two to three tablespoon of castile liquid soap with one-quarter cup of baking soda.
  • Hand Soap Refill

Refill your hand soap bottle with natural hand washing soap by mixing one-quarter cup of castile soap with a three-quarter cup of water.
  • Laundry Detergent

Castile soap is gentler on your cloth and budget. To use castile soap as a laundry detergent, mix one-third to half a cup of castile soap to any large load. Then, add half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.
  • Floor Cleaner

You can make a simple do-it-yourself natural mopping solution by mixing half a cup of castile soap with three gallons of hot water.
  • Dishwashing Soap

Castile soap is less expensive than ordinary dish soap and much gentler on your hands. Mixing one part of castile soap to ten parts of warm water can give you a great, natural dishwashing solution.
  • All-purpose Cleaning Spray

You can use castile soap as an all-purpose cleaning spray by simply mixing one-quarter cup of the soap with one quart of warm water and putting them in a spray bottle.

How Not to Use Castile Soap?

You should avoid combining Castile soap with vinegar or lemon juice. The acid property of these substances will cancel out the soap’s cleansing effects. Those with colour-treated hair should also avoid using castile soap as it may strip away some of the colours.


Castile soap is a multipurpose soap that you can use as a natural, eco-friendly body wash and household cleaning solutions. To ensure you get the best quality castile soap, be sure to only buy from a reputable brand in Singapore, such as the Blessed Soap.

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