Kids' Health Supplements

For most parents, what’s the less stressful way to introduce vegetables and health supplements for kids? Instilling the habit of feeding your child vegetables especially in their growing years will reward her with a foundation of a healthy diet and good lifestyle habits which she can depend on later in life.

Remove the veggie war from your dinner with these hassle-free ways to introduce vegetables and health supplements for your kid.

Mince And Mix Vegetables into Foods

Like most adults, children eat with their eyes first. If you already know that they do not like the sight of broccoli, mince and mix it into their meat ball when serving spaghetti. You can also layer your lasagna with spinach that easily wilts and blends with the rest of the cheese and béchamel sauce. Your child will enjoy it to the last bite without as much revolt. Better yet, mix food with supplements from a trusted health supplement in Singapore.

Nature’s Glory has a wide range of vegetable-based health supplements for kids that come in tablet, liquid, or powder form. You can easily mix these into your child’s food without affecting the taste!

This camouflaging does wonder. You will help your child receive the nourishment she needs without having to stress about it.

Make Vegetables into Soups or Sauces

Some children have more discerning taste buds than others. Even if you have mixed and minced the vegetables, their clever tongues will be able to tell and immediately set the veggies aside. Work around it by making vegetables into soups or sauces.

Very young children love soup because they do not choke on big chunks of foods when having spoonfuls of it.

To make soups healthier, power up its nutrients with the source of great tasting health supplements in Singapore—Nature’s Glory’s Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) Extract.

Nature’s Glory CGF is an excellent health supplement for kids in Singapore from the Yaeyama Chlorella extract cultured in Japan. High in chlorophyll, Yaeyama CGF repairs and boosts the body at the cellular level.

This algae-based health supplement in Singapore is among the best in the world because the algae is cultured and harvested out in the sun where it can develop the most abundant chlorophyll content.

CGF is a superfood because of its myriad high nutrient contents including all vitamins, (except vitamin D which your child can get directly from the sun) all the main minerals, and 19 amino acids to help boost muscle and bone growth.

Add Vegetables into Juices and Smoothies for Kids

Another fantastic trick to add more vegetables into your kid’s diet is to add them into naturally sweetened juices and smoothies. Most juices and smoothies are already flavoured with healthy and naturally sweet fruits like bananas and apples that would help to mask the taste of any added greens. 

You can then add chopped spinach, carrots and other greens into the liquid concoctions without the kids noticing! Even better, use a powdered health supplement for kids like our CGF extract into the mix for added convenience to boost their nutrition.

Soon, your kids will be consuming their vegetables without any fuss.

Obtain the Right Health Supplements for Kids from a Trusted Source

It isn’t always easy to get your kids to eat their vegetables but creating delicious and healthy dishes, drinks and snacks, can be the way to setting up the habit for more greens in their diet.

You can also teach your kids the importance of whole foods and taking health supplements for kids in Singapore. Involve them in food preparation so they will enjoy and become familiar with healthy foods. You can also allow very young kids to mimic you – eat your greens, too, and they will most likely follow. Make your meals colorful and healthy with more fruits and vegetables that will delight any child.

Do remember to offer health supplements for your kids from a trusted source: Nature’s Glory. Nature’s Glory has a complete line up of health supplements for kids in Singapore sourced from all over the world which give the gift of health for all in the family.

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