Plum Balls Health Benefits

We’re sure that you know the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In Japan, people believe that plum, also known as Japanese ume, keeps 100 illnesses at bay.

Dubbed as the “King of Alkaline Foods” and “Blue Diamond” of fruits, plums are known to bolster the body’s immune system. They contain more iron, calcium, citric acid, phosphorus, and twice as much protein than any other fruit. Also famed for its antiviral and antibacterial effects, plums have become a staple in Japanese households for years.

This is only some of the many reasons why people love Nature’s Glory Plum Balls. In fact, this premium supplement was regarded as the Best Pregnancy Supplement by Parents World in 2018.

Developed from the concentrated juice of Japanese Ume, which are richer in nutrients, rounder, and bigger than Taiwanese and Chinese varieties, our Plum Balls instantly became one of our sought-after products due to the various health benefits it offers.

What are Nature’s Glory Plum Balls?

Our Plum Balls are created using only high-quality plum concentrate and wild mountain yam. We do not add cheap citric acid or other chemicals and substances to make our product more sour. Moreover, the Plum Balls are developed without chemical coatings on the plum balls’ surface, so that the body can easily absorb the nutrients.

Japanese plums used for our product are harvested when the acid content is at its highest. After that, the plums are boiled until they form a thick syrup, which results in a concentrated extract that is 30 times stronger than the fruit itself. To increase the plum balls’ potency, we combined it with wild Japanese Mountain Yam, also known as Jinenjo.

The Health Benefits of Nature’s Glory Plum Balls

Filled with organic acids and minerals – The Nature’s Glory Plum Balls are laden with organic acids and minerals that help boost vitality, convert fat to energy, improve digestive health, boost immunity, enhance liver functions, and help inhibit the growth of bacteria in food, water, and blood. Likewise, this supplement also helps break down lactic acid, which is produced in the body due to poor eating habits and excessive meat and sugar intake. By breaking down lactic acid, the Plum Balls help improve your metabolism and keep you in shape.

Guards acidity in the blood – This premium supplement helps keep acidity at bay, which may lead to illnesses and toxicity. Since Plum Balls have high alkalinity, it helps normalise blood pH and lower the risk of blood acidity. Additionally, it also helps strengthen the digestive system by killing bacteria in the intestines, speeding up intestinal peristalsis, and relieving constipation.

A rich source of iron, calcium, and phosphorus – The Nature Glory’s Plum Balls is excellent for children, pregnant women, adults, and elderly people who are prone to rheumatism and arthritis. Plum balls also help improve the calcium and iron absorption in pregnant women to enjoy their pregnancy journey healthily.

Enhance liver functions – Plum balls contain picric acid that helps the liver neutralise toxins. Likewise, picric acid also helps boost overall health.

Nature’s Glory Plum Balls: Testimonials

With a multitude of health benefits, it’s no wonder why people can’t stop raving over this high-quality health supplement. Take a read at their reviews below:

I like to chew the plums. They are very small and very chewable. I like that they are sour but as I like to chew them, I wish there can be a slight hint of sweetness in them. However these are natural health products so it is right that no sugar is added. They are definitely easy to swallow without chewing.” – Jill Charlotte L.

The plum balls not only help to cure my reflux, it also improves my bowel movement. My family of 4 is taking it regularly.” – Vivian S.

Have been eating this daily since the start of my pregnancy. Surprised that I haven’t had any morning sickness symptoms - not sure if it’s 100% plum balls, but I think it helped! I’m in my 15th week now, and have purchased my second bottle to stock up!” – Amanda M.

These customer reviews only prove Nature’s Glory Plum Balls’ effectiveness. More and more people are loving the benefits of these healthy supplements, so why not try it today to enjoy the health benefits yourself?

A bottle of Nature’s Glory Plum Balls contains 150 balls or 750 balls, which are enough for your whole family. Buy organic products from the best online store in Singapore today!

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