HiFloAM Water Health Benefits

With our body composition consisting of 70% water, water really is an essential ingredient for our health. It helps out to flush out waste and toxins in our body, regulate our temperature and blood, lubricate and cushion joints, and several other functions to aid our body in functioning smoothly. Drinking the best quality water can benefit with these bodily functions and improve our health as well and we recommend the HiFloAM Water® energised water system for healthy living.

What is HiFloAM Water®?

Launched in Singapore on 2nd June 2014 during Singapore Water Week, HiFloAM Water® was invented by  renowned water expert Dr Kokichi Hanaoka, a strong advocate and researcher of electrolyzed water for over 40 years. HiFloAM Water® is created using electrolysis technology, which replicates the properties of "miracle" spring water from France, Germany & Mexico.

HiFloAM Water® has a weak alkalinity pH of 7 to 8, high dissociation activity (or hydration ability) and the ability to remove free radicals. It has a mild neutral pH in harmony with healthy blood, up to eight times more dissolved hydrogen (DH) than most conventional alkaline waters to deal with free radicals, high dissolved oxygen not found in most waters including alkaline water, for cellular health, and high dissociation activity of hydration and permeability for us to drink more to replace toxins and reduce acidity.

HiFloAM Water® is fully made in Japan, in a factory with Medical Standards ISO 13485 Certificate, which is considered much stricter and higher than ISO90001 quality standards.

Alkaline water Vs HiFloAM Water®

While alkaline water has gained popularity for health-conscious consumers, our HiFloAM Water® aims to improve upon taste, higher in hydrogen and oxygen levels to help prevent free radical damage in cells and stronger antioxidant ability.

1. Milder neutral range pH, closer to blood.
2. Dissociation activity pKw 4x higher means it is more easily absorbed by your cells.
3. Dissolved Oxygen and Dissolved Hydrogen much higher.
4. Antioxidant ability & antioxidant enhancement power much higher.
5. No "wasting" water.
6. Smoother and Milder in taste.
7. Higher hydration than alkaline water.
8. Higher energy than alkaline water.
9. No negative side effects associated with long term intake of high pH alkaline water.
10. Suitable for all ages, including young children, and the old and sick.

Benefits of HiFloAM Water®

HiFloAM Water® uses tap water to pass through patent pending electrolysis to make drinking water special and different. All organs, tissues, muscles, membranes, nerves, bones and blood need water to nourish and moisturise to build a healthy body harmony. Water is therefore the No.1 answer for health recovery and so beneficial to the body.

Good for Circulation

Water reduces blood thickening to prevent blockages to the various organs, arteries and blood vessels. It reduces toxicity and acidity to deter pathogens from breeding that might otherwise lead to potential tumours. The brain needs healthy water for maximum concentration, good memory and alertness, for better sleep, and to deter the onset of Parkinson's disease and
Alzheimer's disease. A healthy heart helps in blood circulation to nourish the body.

Good for Digestion

Water is a catalyst to metabolism for fluids to convert digested food to nutrients. HiFloAM Water® penetrates and extracts the nutrients better for speedier delivery into cells.

Good for Toxin Discharge

Water helps lungs, liver, kidneys, colon and skin to discharge toxins and acidity. Higher hydration helps reduce toxins and prevents constipation. Healthy water prevents pathogenic activities. Water moisturises skin to be healthy, youthful and radiant with less blemishes and wrinkles.
HiFloAM Water® helps in beauty and weight loss, and reduces water retention and pain/
inflammation. It prevents dry hair and hair loss to promote glossy, anti-ageing hair.

Good for Toxic and Acidic Removal

Many had feedback that daily bowel clearance and urination is so good to help build up healthy colon, liver, kidneys and organs for improved health. Limited research was done in the United States where cancer patients drank three litres of HiFloAM Water® daily and were found to be
responding well.

Good for Anti-ageing and Beauty

The intracellular and extracellular water levels of the elderly have shown improvement with HiFloAM Water®, transforming ageing to youthful cells. It serves also as a skin moisturiser for beauty and for hair health, and helps to reduce water retention for natural slimming. Unlike alkaline water, this water is for all ages including for babies, fish and plants. It is good for children's growth and development and reduces the chances of being sick. Healthy brains need healthy oxygen; likewise for all the organs and blood.

Good for Metabolism and Speedier Delivery

HiFloAM Water® permeates through food, drinks, supplements and medicines to extract and maximise the nutrients for speedier delivery and penetrates much faster than most waters for better health and recovery.

To know more, find more information about our HiFloAM Water® here.

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