What is The Best Alternative to Alkaline Water in Malaysia?

You know the drill: Drink at least eight glasses of water to stay healthy and hydrated. Being well hydrated offers a lot of health benefits but when it comes to drinking water, not all water is created equal.

There are several types of water in the market: purified, mineral, and alkaline, to name a few, with some people claiming that the latter is the best. But is alkaline water really the best of all?

If you are an alkaline water enthusiast, you may want to consider shifting to HiFloAM Water®. Backed by science, this makes the perfect alternative to alkaline water in Malaysia for many reasons.

Why Do People Need an Alternative to Alkaline Water in Malaysia?

Alkaline water is a type of drinking water with a higher pH level than regular water, which has a pH level of 7. If water is below 7 on the pH scale, it is acidic. If it is higher than 7, it is alkaline. Alkaline water is often produced via a home appliance called a water ionizer, which uses electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into alkaline and acidic components.

Drinking alkaline water is certainly safe, but it is not necessarily the best type of water as users and sellers claim. Healthline posited that many health professionals believe that there isn’t enough research to prove the health claims made by supporters of alkaline water.

In a 2020 scientific study titled “Drinking Water Quality in Malaysia: A Review on Its Current Status,” the overall water quality in Malaysia is fairly acceptable, but water pollution is rampant nowadays, due to rapid population growth and industrialisation development.

This is where the HiFloAM Water® comes into the picture—backed by research, this type of water is scientifically proven to be better than alkaline water. So, if you want to have easy access to high-quality drinking water, install this water filtration system in your home.

HiFloAM Water®: The Best Alternative to Alkaline Water in Malaysia

Launched in Singapore in 2014, HiFloAM Water® is an ingenious filtration system developed by water specialist Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka, a strong advocate of ionic alkaline water and researcher of electrolyzed water for more than 40 years.

Dr. Hanaoka also studied the “miracle waters,” namely Lourdes Water of France, Nordenau Water of Germany, and Tlacote Water of Mexico and found out that the water bodies’ properties have weak alkaline pH of 8, but also a high dissociation activity of water molecules to eradicate free radicals. Dissociation activity is measured in pKw—the lower the value, the higher the dissociation, absorption, detox, and hydration.

The Differences between HiFloAM Water® and Alkaline Water in Malaysia

Listed below are some factors that differ HiFloAM Water® from alkaline water:

Dissociation Values – Dr Hanaoka has proved that the HiFloAM Water® is four times more dissociated than alkaline water, meaning that HiFloAM Water® has faster absorption of water into the cells to detox and eliminate harmful free radicals.

pH Levels – Unlike conventional alkaline water that has a pH level between 9 and 11, HiFloAM Water® has a pH level of 8. A pH of 8 is within the neutral range and is closer to the usual blood pH level. Having too high levels of pH can negatively affect toxicity levels in the body.

Taste – The HiFloAM Water® is described to have a smooth texture and pleasant, milder taste for a more enjoyable drinking experience.

Health Benefits – When it comes to health benefits, HiFloAM Water® offers more than just standard alkaline water. Since HiFloAM Water® is full of dissolved hydrogen and oxygen, it can prevent free radical damage, boost cellular metabolism, and improve cell recovery. HiFloAM Water® also promotes better circulation, digestion, and metabolism.

No Water Waste – 30% of water is usually wasted when producing alkaline water. Meanwhile, there is no wasted water during the production of HiFloAM Water®.

Shifting to HiFloAM Water® from Alkaline Water in Malaysia

With all these things said, it is safe to claim that HiFloAM Water® is better than alkaline water or any water in many aspects. This is why if you are on the lookout for top tier drinking water, investing in HiFloAM Water® is the wisest decision.

Having a HiFloAM Water® filtration system in the comfort of your home is as easy as ordering one online. Just go to Nature’s Glory online organic shop to order and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Order yours today!
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