Why HiFloAM Water® is Better Than Alkaline Water?

If you search on the Internet for alkaline water, you’ll find that manufacturers claim that alkaline has ‘healing properties’ and it will fight cancer, boost the immune system, and make you physically stronger and so on. But is there any truth to these claims?

Based on Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka’s findings, who spent over forty years researching on water, it turns out that there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding alkaline water. In fact, as we will see below, HiFloAM Water® is better when compared to alkaline water.

Claim 1: High Acidity is Neutralized by High Alkaline Water pH

Fact: In fact, the very opposite is true, because scientific studies show that high pH levels are toxic for plants and fishes, and that young children and elderly folk who constantly take alkaline water develop weak immune systems.

It is much better therefore, if the human body only consumes 7 to 7 pH levels, which is what HiFloAM Water® provides.

Claim 2: Alkaline Water Eliminates Free Radicals in the Human Body

Fact: The ORP (oxidation reduction potential) in alkaline water is not stable enough to do this, and research shows that ORP has nothing to do with the removal of free radicals, and that it is the dissolved hydrogen that’s responsible.

Unfortunately the dissolved hydrogen is only good for a few minutes so the effects are minimal. In contrast, HiFloAM Water® remains in the body for up to four days, allowing it to remove more free radicals than alkaline water can.

In fact, research has shown that HiFloAM Water® is better than pure water when it comes to eliminating free radicals.

Claim 3: High levels of oxygen is not good for the body

Fact: Oxygen is very important for our normal cells to function properly. In addition, cancer cells cannot survive well when oxygen is continually given to it.

People who constantly drink alkaline water have unusually short blood capillaries. This is a potential indication that the body is suffering from allergies and oxygen deficiencies.

On the other hand, the oxygen levels in HiFloAM Water® are similar to what is found in natural spring waters, which is at the right level for the human body.

Claim 4: The pH in Alkaline Water Eliminates oil in the body

Fact: it is true that certain alkali can eliminate oil in the body, but the problem is the pH level in alkaline water is so high that it leads to stomach upsets.

What proponents of alkali drinks did not mention is that due to the high pH level, the stomach converts it quickly to an acidic form to restore functionality.

In other words, medical research has shown that high pH water levels is unacceptable to the body, and second, high pH can only remove external oil, and not the oil in the body. 

Claim 5: Alkaline Water is Easily Absorbed by Cells

Fact: Alkaline water produces small water clusters that are supposedly absorbed by cells. However, the water clusters are very fragile and they break within a short time span.

As such, they don’t exist long enough to sustain the permeability. In Dr. Hanaoka’s research, he uncovered what is now known as the pKw parameter (water dissociation activity) which allows water to fill cells quickly. 

The effect of dissociation activity is very pronounced and offers numerous health benefits, and this has been implemented in HiFloAM Water®. As compared to alkaline water, the dissociation activity is three times greater, leading to smoother skin and better overall health. 

Claim 6: Alkaline Water Permeates Cells Deeply

Fact: One of the more common claims made by proponents is that the deep color produced by tea in alkaline water is proof of superior permeability.

However that isn’t true at all since similar results are attainable with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and regular water, without the process of electrolysis. What the tests indicate is that it is the high pH level and not electrolysis that produces the deep hue.

In other words, alkaline water does not produce the benefits that its proponents claim, and that research has proven that too much of it may be hazardous to your health.

And as the extensive work of Dr. Hanaoka has shown, HiFloAM Water® offers more health benefits and has been scientifically proven. Unlike alkaline, HiFloAM Water® has only a mild pH level, which is actually what the body needs to stay healthy.

At Nature’s Glory Singapore, the HiFloAM Water® system uses water filtration technology to create alkaline water with properties similar to these "miracle" spring waters from France, Germany & Mexico -- a weak alkaline pH, high hydration ability, and the ability to remove free radicals. Compared to other alkaline water systems, our HiFloAM Water® filtration system aims to improve upon taste, higher in hydrogen and oxygen levels to help prevent free radical damage in cells and stronger antioxidant ability.

HiFloAM Water® is fully made in Japan, in a factory with Medical Standards ISO 13485 Certificate, which is considered much stricter and higher than ISO90001 quality standards, giving you peace of mind in your purchase.

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